Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sleep!

They did it. They both slept through the night and on the same day nonetheless! Mallory went down at 8:30 (still in her carseat). She woke up at 6:15. Samantha went down at 8:30 as well but was very fussy. So Bryan moved her to the co-sleeper and put her on her tummy, the same way she naps. She fell asleep around 9:00 and I woke her up at 6:30. If this can continue, all will be right in the Sharer world. Of course getting up to pump out 16.5 ounces at 4:00 was a drag. But it was still easier than getting up to feed AND pump.

Oh happy day!

Monday, July 21, 2008


I caught both girls smiling at the same time! Aren't they too cute? That is all for now :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

First Time in the POOL!

Oh so much fun! I bought the girls little suits and hats and decided to throw them in the water. I wouldn't say they loved it but they didn't mind it one bit. I expected cries when we put them in but they were so good. They stayed in 15 minutes or so and then sat on the side watching their big sister swim. Anyway, here they are in their suits and hats. Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen!

Samantha with Bryan.
Mallory with Carrie
The whole family. Bryan and the girls.
All tired after their swim

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Nothing much to report, but I can post some new pics!

We are just hanging out these days. Nothing exciting going on. I have a month left of summer vacation/maternity leave. I am somewhat ready to be back (and get a break from children). But I'm going to miss being with the girls everyday!

So, here are some new pics.

Mallory sitting in her Bumbo chair working on some head control.
Samantha looking like a little peanut in her Bumbo. Raegan got ahold of the babies and the camera while the housecleaner was here this week. We were all hanging out in the toy room and apparently Mallory wanted to play with naked Barbies?
A little tummy time. Mallory=not a fan!
Just hanging out in mom's bed in the morning time. Aren't we cute?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our First 4th of July

We had a great time on the 4th of July. Raegan and Bryan went to the parade in the morning while Samantha and Mallory napped at home. Then we all went to the pool for a few hours of fun with some friends. Samantha and Mallory were so good hanging out in their carseats in the shade. Then we went back home for another nap. Then Uncle Aaron and Aunt Noreen had a barbeque at their house. The babies hung out by the pool while the big kids swam and ate. Then we all loaded up to go watch the fireworks. The babies weren't interested at all. Raegan and Sloane had a great time running around on the golf course and lighting sparklers. It was a great day!

Here are the girls hanging out by the Johnson's pool.
Raegan and Sloane swimming and doing tricks.

This is how interested Samantha was in the fireworks. She hung out on Bubbie's lap the whole time, trying to sleep soundly.
Mallory wasn't the least bit interested. She didn't wake up once. Such a good girl!
Jacob (Sloane's friend), Sloane, Raegan, Aunt Noreen- watching the fireworks.

Twins First Date

We had our first date on 7-2 with Quinn and Aiden. We are 4 weeks older than them but they don't mind and neither do we. Quinn and Aiden are mommy's friend, Stephanie's, twins. The moms have decided that Aiden and Samantha will marry and Quinn and Mallory will marry. This is all based on personalities. Samantha Martin and Mallory Martin have a nice ring, don't they?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First ER trip...

for both girls. Big UGH!

So they had their vaccines yesterday and it's normal to have a temperature. Well when they woke up to eat at 3am they were both hot. So we take their temps and Mallory's is 102.9. Ouch! Samantha's was 100.4. So I called the on-call nurse at the pediatrician's office. Give her all the information. Let her know they just had their vaccines. She tells us to take them to the ER. Anything over 100.4 they would recommend go to the ER. Not the local ER either. Cook's Children's in Fort Worth.

So we head out there after taking Raegan to my mom's house. They check us right in and the doctor basically came in and said they should never have sent us to the ER with those temps. They say anything over 104 goes to the ER.

$200, 3 hours, and 2 sleepy babies later, we are not happy campers. I have a call into the doctor's office to see what the hell the problem was and why they would recommend an ER visit for those temps. Mallory's I can see but Samantha, no. I'll let you know what they say.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

2 months old!

Yes, the girls are 2 months old. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. They had a check-up today and got 5 shots! It was awful. They screamed like banshees and Bryan couldn't even stand to watch them. He was the rescuer and I was the evil mommy. I guess this is the role I normally take so it's alright. Both girls look great and are on target. I expressed some concerns with the doctor about Mallory's lack of focus and visual tracking. She seems to think that Samantha is just ahead of the game and that Mallory is doing fine. She wants me to come in in a month if I am still concerned. She also wants us to get the babies sleeping in their cribs. Sigh... Mallory is doing well in her crib during naptime but Samantha is just not happy about it yet. The doctor suggested we ignore her. I guess we'll move her crib into the garage so we really can ignore her. Or the neighbor's house is empty and for sale. I bet they wouldn't mind. LOL! Anyway, here are the stats:

Samantha Kay (The Peanut) weighed in at 8 lb 10 oz. (7th %tile). She was 21.5 in long (19th %tile). She is just a tiny, little thing but very healthy. Samantha has really good head control for her little self. Here she is showing off and thinking about smiling for the camera.

Mallory Rose (The Chunk) weighed in at 10 lb 12 oz. (46th %tile). She was 22.5 in. long (51st %tile). She is looking fabulous and the doctor says it's like she wasn't even early. See the smirk I finally caught on camera? Mallory is smiling more these days (another indication that she is beginning to focus better). Mallory has also started to coo!

And here are the best friends. When the girls lay together (rare since they don't sleep together), Samantha is very calm near Mallory. She just lays there and watches Mallory scream wondering what in the hell she is thinking. However, Samantha is normally my screamer so it's rather odd to see her so calm near her sister. They are both wearing 0-3 month clothes now, although Samantha could still get away with newborns. And both girls are in a size 1 diaper. I still have not purchased any diapers yet. It's been fabulous. Between that and the milk machine I am, we really have saved quite a bit of money. Thanks to everyone who contributed diapers and wipes! My checkbook thanks you!

And all 3 girls. Raegan is such a good big sister. She would hold them all the time if she could. She likes to take pictures of them and loves to be in pictures with them. Let's hope this love relationship continues!