Saturday, June 4, 2011

First time on the diving board!!

I am so proud of the girls. They did swim lessons in the month of May and learned absolutely nothing. Seriously, they would barely put their heads under water. It was very frustrating because I knew that they were both swimming around 10 feet at the end of the year last year. But all it took was one day in the pool with mom and now they are doing great! They still will not come up for air. Eventually they will figure out that it's easier than holding your breath so long. But they are rocking it out in the pool. Yesterday they wanted to go on the diving board so badly. So I waited until the pool cleared out a bit. I didn't want to be the crazy lady jumping in after her kids drowning in the pool. But they both jumped off the diving board with no fear and swam like rockstars to the ladder. Then they did it over and over and over again. I was so proud! Raegan was going off the diving board just before she turned 3. She was coming up for air though. But it looks like my sink or swim method of teaching them how to swim has truly paid off. I will be able to relax a bit more on the side this summer. And we all know it's all about me :)

Slip N Slide Fun

The title says it all. New Slip N Slide= lots of fun for the girls!

Field Day-Beck Elementary

Field Day at Beck was a fun day. Of course I arranged my schedule to be there all day. The day didn't look very promising with the weather. And it did rain for about 2 hours during the day. But the kids came in and played board games around lunchtime while they were waiting for the rain to stop. When it stopped, they were able to go back outside and play their water games. They only missed a few games due to rain. So it can be considered a success. Raegan gets SOOOOO competetive during field day. At one point she moved into the boys' line so she could go faster. And before the balloon toss, she pretended not to have a partner because she wanted to go with one of the Medlin kids that was there helping. Little turd has to be first in everything she does!!

Goodbye Odyssey...Hello Solar Red!

Raegan changed soccer teams recently. We had some issues with coaching and philosophy on her Odyssey team. We LOVED the girls and parents but decided that we'd just had enough. So Raegan has tried practicing with 2 different Solar teams now. Solar is within close proximity to the house and that's really important right now for us. She guest played with the Solar Red team coached by Kat Webb and loved it! So we decided to move her teams. While it was extremely hard to leave Odyssey, we look forward to things with Solar Red and know that she will progress on a strong team. The team took 2nd in the tournament! Raegan played 90% of all games, some of them the entire time. We were really proud of her!

Pinkalicious Party

Samantha and Mallory went to a birthday party for Maggie. It was a Pinkalicious theme at Sweet and Sassy. The girls had their fingers done, make-up, and an up-do. Then they walked the runway. They were so cute!


Raegan has finally gotten a chance to try out basketball. She signed up with Caitlin L, a friend from her Odyssey team. They actually play in Grapevine on a team coached by a dad of a first grader at Raegan's school. Raegan is really having a fun time. I wouldn't say that it's her sport, but it's fun nonetheless. She of course is overly aggressive and fast on the court. But put a ball in her hand and she's pretty slow with it. She's learning and having fun doing it. She'll probably play again in Roanoke in the fall. Go Lady Comets!

Jump Zone Birthday Celebration!

Well because I have such wonderful luck, I had to completely replan the twins' birthday party at the last minute. We were scheduled to have a super fun petting zoo at the park. And of course it rained...all day long. But luckily I was able to find a last minute place to have a party and it worked out just great. The girls had a blast with their friends at Jump Zone. They played for 90 minutes and then had pizza and cupcakes (themed after the zoo party).