Wednesday, May 9, 2012

4 year stats

We went to see Dr. Robert a few days after the girls turned 4. They both did a great job at the appointment. They have never been afraid to go to the doctor or dentist and are just good kids when we're there. Both girls got 1 shot and were asked a bunch of questions by Dr. Robert. He said they are both advanced for their age and will do wonderful in school. They also had a hearing and vision test done and passed both. I was a bit surprised to hear that Sam doesn't have any issues with hearing because she's always SO LOUD. But I think she's just dramatic and wants to be heard!

Here are their stats:
Samantha Kay
36 pounds - 55th percentile
41 inches - 75th percentile

Mallory Rose
44 pounds - 95th percentile
42.5 inches - 95th percentile

Sam and Mal's 4th Birthday Party

Well the pool and backyard make for a great place to host a birthday party. All of the family came over for the party and we had the Wilsons and Youngs there as well. The kids played between the pool, trampoline, and waterslide. They had a great time. We grilled burgers and hot dogs and had cake and ice cream. The twins got some very nice gifts from everyone and also got another car (dune buggy) from all of the grandparents. The kids had a good time riding the cars and playing soccer in the street. And no one was hurt. So that's a bonus! Happy 4th Birthday Samantha Kay and Mallory Rose!

Birthday Donuts

As tradition would have it, we went to Jamma's donut store for birthday donuts on the girls' birthday. Bubbie and Grandpa also went along. The girls all love this tradition. It makes them feel super special to start their birthday with Jamma. Check out those donuts!!

A Birthday Party at Sea World!

We decided to forego a friend's birthday party for the twins the year. Instead we decided to surprise them with a trip to Sea World. All we told the girls was that we were having a surprise for their birthday. They guessed a few things (Chuck E Cheese, pool party, party at the park). On the day that we left we gave them a bag of goodies that gave clues about where we were headed. No one guessed it, even Raegan who's been there twice already. She guessed that we were going on a cruise, skiing, or to Florida. When we told them where we were going, they were all excited. We headed down to Sea World on a Friday night and stayed at the Hilton Hill Country Spa and Resort. Aside from sleeping issues at the hotel, it was a great time. The weather was fantastic and the girls all had a great time at Sea World. We got season passes with our trip so we are planning to head down again in July to visit their new waterpark and see Shamu one more time. The surprise trip was a great change from the regular friend's birthday party extravaganza!

Easter Fun

Easter 2012 was an interesting year. First of all, I was sick with the stomach flu. MISERABLE! Then we had a huge group of people. I think we had 26 people that came through at some point. Hilary Klotz, the Sharers, both sets of Johnsons, the Kiernans and the young and old Millers. From what I could tell, everyone had a good time. The kids played together in the house because it rained most of the day. Luckily the rain stopped and the kids were able to have their Easter egg hunt in the backyard. It was a good day with friends and family!