Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

We decided to have a little Valentine's party for Raegan and a few of her friends. The girls all decorated letters with their initial, decorated cakes to take home, and played. And a few girls got their nails painted. A good time was had by all and we will plan on doing another Valentine's party next year.

Here are the girls in their Valentine's outfits. We woke up and had breakfast together. Then went to lunch at Chilis and ended the day with the entire Johnson clan at Cristina's. It was a day of eating and hanging out together.

I got to attend Raegan's Valentine's Day party at school as usual. The kids painted coasters, played Valentine's BINGO, and ate goodies. Another fun adventure in Ms. Walker's class. AND Ms. Walker got Teacher of the Year! Do I know how to pick Raegan's teachers or what?!?!

Texas Snow! A record breaking day!

We have had a cold winter (and long) this year. But it has made for a few really nice days of snow, one being on Christmas Day. It snowed for 2 days last week and we had a record amount of snow. Some reports were as much as 12 inches! And well, that just never happens in Texas! The girls had a blast playing in the snow. On Thursday after school let out early, we headed over to the Helms' house. They live on the golf course. We sledded a bit and then went in for some FABULOUS food cooked by Cheryl. On Friday, we all headed out to the 18th hole on the Hogan. SO FUN! We were out there for a little over 2 hours before Samantha had had enough. But they really hung in like champs and had a great time. Mallory LOVED going down on the sled with anyone that would take her. Samantha was content hanging at the top of the hill. And of course, Raegan was sledding the entire time with friends. We are so lucky to have great friends to enjoy fun days like this with!

The Trophy Club police even came out and raced Sandy down the hill. LOL!

The babies with their friend Ella Kate.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Luv Eww!

Mrs. Sherry has taught the girls how to say "I Love You" this past week. She also is teaching them happy and sad faces. It's too funny to watch. Here is a video of them being sweet to each other. It doesn't happen often these days!