Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Fun

We had a lazy, nothing really planned type of weekend. The only thing really planned was potty training Mallory. And while she was successful on Saturday, she had 3 accidents on Sunday. Such is life! Anyway, the girls all played outside on Sunday. We got out one of the new sprinklers S & M got for their birthday. The big girls played on the trampoline with the water hitting it and making it wet. S & M weren't very interested in the water and stayed watching instead. We also went to 2 of Sloane's volleyball games on Saturday. 'Fierce' took 2nd in the tournament. Good job girls. Sloane is a very good volleyball player. Then we went to watch her play basketball. While they didn't win the game, Sloane played really well. We ended Saturday with a trip to the park (no pics) and dinner at the Sharer's house. I think we all got a much needed break from soccer this weekend. Although a weekend without soccer is pretty boring in my opinion!

Field Day 2010

Raegan has Field Day this past week at Beck. I was able to make the first half of the day and had to head home to take care of the twins during the second half. The kids had a great time as always. The weather was perfect, 80s and overcast. Raegan had been looking forward to field day for weeks! I think it lived up to her expectations.

Toddler Beds

The girls' cribs were recalled. They have the lovely dropside cribs that everyone wants to banish right now. We waited 2 weeks for replacement parts and the girls slept in pack and plays. So instead of wait any longer, I decided to take the plunge and turn the beds into toddler beds. Problem was that I didn't have any side rails. So in the pictures you can see that I stuffed a roll of tubes covered in blankets under the sheets at the edges of the beds. I was hoping this would stop them from falling off. But it didn't. Sam fell out 3 times and cried "I fell out mommy" everytime. Mallory fell out 2 times and decided the floor was just as good of a place to sleep as anywhere else. They now have side rails and are doing well in their toddler beds. They can't even get out of them because the rails cover basically the entire crib. They might as well still be in cribs!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Year Update

The girls had their 2 year check up with Dr. Robert. We have recently switched pediatricians and are much happier where we are now. The reason we switched is an ENTIRELY different post. Anyway, I normally take the girls to their appointments by myself. I never really think much about it because we never have problems at the doctors. Well, I've never really thought about that either until the nurse and doctor both commented on how well behaved the girls were and how they weren't afraid of the doctor or anything. They both listened, got up on the scale when asked, took their shoes off, got measured, got poked and proded, and even got a shot without any whining or crying. They were fabulous and I'm beginning to realize how lucky I am to have 2 great toddlers and one great (most of the time) almost 7 year old! Anyway, enough praise for the doctor's visit. It's on to some information on their stats and what they are currently doing.

* A little on the shy side to strangers. But will go to anyone pretty much.
* More reserved with physical abilities. She runs and is trying to jump with 2 feet together. She HATES the swing and isn't much of a fan of the trampoline either.
* Loves the shower, the bath, and really anything having to do with water.
* Likes to dance and tries to sing songs.
* Can count to 9, sometimes 10.
* LOVES to draw and can draw a happy face with many eyes. She has excellent fine motor skills and a pencil grip that all occupational therapists would be proud of.
* Talks in complete sentences and can identify all her animals and most animal sounds.
* Likes to cuddle.
* Not a fan of vegetables lately but will eat them to get a happy plate!
* Loves books and will sit and listen to them all day long.
* Loves Sloane, her big cousin and absolutely adores babies, especially her cousin Ellie.
* Still sitting rear-facing in the car and LOVES to watch Raegan.
* Very independent and wants to do things on her own.
* POTTY TRAINED for 2 months now!
* Binky free!

Nicknames- Sam Sam, Sammie, Boo, Tootsie Pop.

Weight- 26 pounds 50th %tile
Height- 33.5 inches 35th %tile
Clothing size- 18 to 24 months
Shoe size- 5.5

* Very outgoing and wants to be where the action is.
* Is crazy on the trampoline and loves to jump. She also LOVES to swing. She will swing all day long. Great physical skills but can't run without falling a few times. :)
* Enjoys playing with her babies and pushing them in the stroller.
* Stubborn!
* Learning songs and loves singing them. But doesn't like to be sang to in the mornings.
* BOSSY! She'll tell you when to do something and when to stop doing something. She is the little teacher.
* Counts to 12, sometimes 13.
* Cries when Samantha takes something from her and won't attempt to get it back without throwing a massive tantrum.
* Talking in complete sentences most of the time. Pretty clear speech. She can also identify her animals and do some animal sounds.
* Loves to eat and cleans her plate most of the time. Very motivated by the Happy Plate!
* Enjoys playing with Raegan and wants to be around her all the time.
* Enjoys Raegan's friends and wants to be around them too. She always wants to pick Maddie up for school.
* Loves looking at books.
* Sits forward-facing (recently) in the car and gets agitated when the cars aren't moving. "Go car". She now knows red means stop and green means go.
* Still a momma's girl.
* Says "I funny" all the time. And don't tell her she's not funny!
* Thinking that the potty might be an OK thing. She went tonight! She will soon be potty trained.
* Binky free!

Nicknames- Mal Mal, Mals, Chunk, Chunk of Love, Tootsie Pop.

Weight- 30.5 pounds 88th %tile
Height- 34.5 inches 60th %tile
Clothing size- 24 month or 2T
Shoe size- 6.5

We are having their birthday party this weekend at Paradise Pond. Tune in later for pictures!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Family Birthday Party

We had the girls' family birthday party this weekend. Everyone was able to attend except Uncle Dan who had to work. The kids all had a great time. The weather was fantastic and they were able to play outside all night. The new trampoline was a huge hit with everyone, as was the kitchen that Raegan gave the girls. Samantha and Mallory got several nice things including a tramopline, Raegan's old kitchen, a stroller, a shopping cart, books, a dual screen DVD player for the car, and some other goodies. It was a fun time! We are so lucky to have most of our family so close. Of course we wish all the aunts and uncles lived closer!

We're TWO and a few big birthday donuts

Samantha and Mallory turned 2 this week. To celebrate we woke up and headed to get their big donuts at Mrs. Jamma's donut store. Then we headed back to Mrs. Sherry's and had a big birthday breakfast with their friends. I can't believe my babies are TWO!

Texas Bluebonnets 2010

We went to take bluebonnet pictures a little late this year. I was surprised that they weren't better patches of bluebonnets with all the rain we had. But we did get a few good pictures, even with the weeds getting so tall. Here are the Johnson and Sharer girls.