Sunday, March 3, 2013

Disney World-Part 6, SOCCER!

Well the real reason we were at Disney World was for soccer of course!  Raegan, Kenzie, Peyton, Chloe, and Madeline played in the 3v3 Kick It World Championship.  They registered to play in the open division and ended up getting put in with Elite.  The girls won 4th place in the Gold Division.  They started out really strong and ended up...not so strong.  But it was a GREAT excuse to take a trip to Disney World and we are so glad we got the chance to go.  We had a great time with the families we went with and enjoyed watching the soccer too.

Disney World-Part 5, Magic Kingdom again

This Day we had a few games in the morning and weren't able to head to the park until after the games were done.  We headed to Magic Kingdom and closed down the park. 
 Kyle was so good with the little kids.  Sam and Mal just loved him!

 Sam, Kaley, and Mallory had fun hanging out together.  Kaley is about 6 months older than the twins.

Disney World-Part 4, Magic Kingdom

After a quick soccer game, we headed to Magic Kingdom for the evening.  We were able to catch a few rides and see the light parade.  We also saw the fireworks show.  After the fireworks we headed to dinner with Pooh and Friends at the Crystal Palace.

Disney World-Part 3, Hollywood Studios

Day 2 we went to Hollywood Studios.  This is one of my favorite parks at Disney World.  I LOVE the tower of terror and rock and roll rollercoaster.  We even got the twins on Tower of Terror.  After that point though, Samantha threw a fit anytime anything looked a little bit scary.  It took about a day for her to get past this but she eventually did.  The girls all had a great time riding the rides together.  Bubbie and Grandpa even got on the fast rides!

Disney World-Part 2, Epcot

On Day 1 we headed to Epcot in the late afternoon.  Not many pictures from Epcot.

Disney World-Part 1, Animal Kingdom

We decided in November to go to Disney World for a 3v3 soccer tournament.  The Whipples, Diazs, Friedmans, and Myers went along.  Coach Kat and her daughter Kaley were there too.  Bubbie and Grandpa were also able to join us on day 2.  We left at 2:00 in the afternoon and got in around 8:00 am the next day.  It was a VERY LONG drive.  But the girls slept most of the time and Sam and Mal were both sick so they were really out of it.  On Day 1 we checked in at the hotel and then headed to Animal Kingdom for most of the day.  The kids had a blast.