Friday, September 21, 2012

A night out on the boat

We went out after work one night to Grapevine Lake.  The weather was in the low 90s and the lake was empty!  Everyone was able to wakeboard, including the little ones with Bryan.  Mallory loves it.  Samantha doesn't like it while she's up but she smiles and laughs when she gets done.  Because the lake was so empty, the ducks came right up to the boat when we anchored to swim and have dinner.  So the girls were able to feed them some chips.  It was a really nice night out with the girls.  Raegan is becoming a little expert on the board.  Both her and Bryan can do jumps in between the wake.  I, on the other hand, still can't figure out how to go back in the wake once I go out :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

BNHS Homecoming Parade

Raegan's cheer team walked in the BNHS Homecoming Parade again this year.  They were so cute.  We watched from the side as usual.  The little ones had fun catching what candy the paraders threw. 

Plano Labor Day Shoot Out 2012

Fever 03 Black played in the Plano Labor Day Shoot Out over Labor Day weekend.  They could have played better in a few of the games but ended up winning the tournament.  In the semi-finals against FC Dallas Premier, they ended up going to a shoot out after 2 overtimes.  It was a grueling game.  After the first 5 girls did their penalty kicks, the score was still tied.  So we then went to sudden death and Fever won after the first round with Quinn rolling a ball right past the FC keeper.  The girls won in the championship game, beating FC Dallas East (the old Juventus rival team). 
We stayed in Plano for the weekend because we had early games every morning.  One of the nights we met several of the Fever families at the FC Dallas game.  The girls got to walk on the field in the parade.  It was a fun weekend!

Raegan's 1st Day of 4th Grade

Raegan started 4th grade!!! Where did the time go?  Raegan is in 4th grade at Beck Elementary.  Her teachers are Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Swalls.  She really is enjoying 4th grade so far.  Of course on the 1st day of school, we stopped by the donut shop and had donuts with Ms. Jamma!  And the sign wasn't working this year.  But we took a picture in front of it (like always) anyway.

Samantha and Mallory's 1st Day of PreK!

Samantha and Mallory started PreK at Premier Academy this year.  They are in class together and also have their friend Maggie in class with them.  The girls' teacher is Ms. Chelsea and they just love her.  She commented the first week on how smart they both are.  Ms. Sherry really did a lot with them the 4 years they stayed with her.  The girls both are enjoying school and they are always excited and ready for another day.  Although private PreK puts a huge dent in my checking account, I'm so glad they are in a great school and are learning from the classroom environment. 

We met Maggie and her family for donuts with Ms. Jamma.  It's been a 1st day of school tradition for Raegan.  So we decided it needed to be for the twins also. 

Samantha and Mallory's 1st Soccer Game!

Samantha and Mallory started soccer this month.  They are on a team with 2 of their good buddies, Ella and Maggie.  Their coach is the high school girl's soccer coach at BNHS and the assistant coach is Jack Wilson.  We couldn't have lucked out anymore with the coaches!  They absolutely LOVE playing so far, just like Raegan did.  Samantha is very similar to Raegan on the field.  She wants to be the first to the ball and uses her arms to get there.  Mallory is much calmer on the field.  The first game she would step aside and let the other team take the ball.  The last 2 games have gone much better and she's stopped them from making several goals.  Both girls have scored several goals and are having so much fun.  They ask all the time when the next soccer game is and they are always excited to go to soccer practice. 

Austin 8v8 Soccer Tournament

Some of the Fever girls went down to Austin to represent the Fever 03 girls.  We went down on a Friday morning and did some outlet mall shopping on the way down.  That night we met several of the Fever families at the UT girls soccer game.  We got to sit down on the field, listen to the coach in the locker room, and scrimmage on the field during half time.  The girls all had a blast. 
The tournament was also a big success.  Fever played up in the U11 division.  The girls won all of their games with a shut out and really played well together.  It was a fun trip and a confidence booster for the girls and their ability as a team.