Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

Once again we hosted Easter at our house. It's just a holiday I like to have here. Everyone was here, the Sharers, Kiernans, Hilary Klotz, and both Johnson families. The kids had a blast playing together. They played in the front with the cars and trikes, in the sandbox, and on the trampoline. The Easter egg hunt was good. There were WAY too many eggs and the guys just started throwing them in the front lawn. The big girls had a limit and everyone ended up with tons of eggs. Dinner was great. All in all, it was a great day. And it will probably be the last Easter in Fox Pointe. Sniff...sniff... But next year we'll be able to get in the pool if it's nice!!!

Dying Easter Eggs

Another yearly tradition, dying eggs at mom and dad's house. This year Brooke and Preston joined us. Brooke also had a sleepover with Raegan that night. The little girls got into the eggs more than last year. And the big girls got creative with the eggs and attempted to tie dye them using rubber bands. Some of them turned out really neat!

Texas Bluebonnets 2011

We took our yearly bluebonnet pictures a few weeks ago. The girls were IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. Everyone looked in different directions and no one wanted to smile. But we did get a few good pictures. I've decided that next year I will drink before we take more group photos. :)

Camping April 2011

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I'm catching up, I promise. And then the 3rd birthdays will come and go and I'll be behind again :)

We went camping again this month. We went with the Greenwoods and Paez's. Sloane and her friend, Frankie, also joined us. Noreen came up with Ellie for the day. The kids had a BLAST again. They really like being outside and hanging out with friends all weekend. I think camping is definitely something we will continue doing as the girls get older. This time, it was great weather. The lake was warm enough for the kids to play in the water. And of course we did some fishing, so fish-kissing, and went on bike rides. It was a great weekend!