Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Blast Soccer Tournament

Fever Black played in their first 11v11 tournament this weekend. The girls came in as underdogs and left as one of the top teams, taking second place in the tournament. The girls lost to Sting in the championship round but beat them in the pool play. The weekend was cold and windy but the girls had fun together and we enjoyed watching Raegan play her heart out (with a double ear-infection nonetheless). Congrats to FEVER BLACK!!!

The Sharer Zoo

The Sharer animals never get a post of their own. So I decided to take some pics of them. I should have included Levi, as he's here the majority of the time and really part of the gang.

Shady Lady is almost 12. She's a precious, stinky girl. She's doing well but getting older. Shady is still as pretty as ever.

Speaking of getting older, Ellie Bellie is getting up there too. Of course we aren't sure how old she is because she's a stray. But she's just as sweet as can be and still needs to be near me when it rains or storms.

Gracie Grace. Not much I can say about this one. She's a barker but a cuddler. She's truly more of a brat than Samantha.

Mexi Kitty is a social thing lately. It took her a few months to adjust to the new house. But now she comes out all the time and even lets us hold her. She'll even lay on your lap for awhile too. She never did this when Spooky Man was here.

And to add to the Sharer Zoo, when we moved we acquired all of the birds in the backyard. Now that the construction in the backyard is done, I'm filling this bird feeder every 3 days or so. The birds are even coming to a bird feeder on the sliding glass door off the porch. I enjoy watching the birds. We see a woodpecker often and the cardinals have come back this week too.