Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wall's Family Farm

We headed out to Wall's Family Farm in Terrell last weekend to cut down our Christmas tree. Last time we went, the twins were in backpacks. This time, the twins were running around like wild babies and Ellie from the Belly was in the backpack. What a change!

As usual we had a fabulous time. Raegan and Sloane both found trees for their rooms and all of the adults picked out great trees. We had some cookies and loaded back up into town. We ate lunch at the same place, Cole Mountain, and headed back home. In between watching the Cowboys lose AGAIN to the Giants, we decorated. It was a great day, aside from the loss by the Cowboys.

In other news, Raegan has lost her second tooth now. Both on the bottom. Samantha is still beating up on Mallory and stealing her toys. Mallory continues to be a momma's girl. Bryan got a new tool box and is selling the 64 bug (thank god we will be down to 4 cars soon). I have to work 4.5 more days before I am off for the holidays. Raegan has 6 more days of school. All in right in the Sharer house right now. So on to some pictures!