Thursday, September 29, 2011

RIP Spooky Man- July 5, 2011

We got Spooky Man in March of 1999, so that Mexi Kitty would have a playmate. Bryan and I were still living in a one bedroom apartment. The cats ran crazy in there and were our first babies. Spooky Man was a weird cat and for the first 8 years or so would eat holes in anything and everything. If clothes were left out, Spooky Man would chew a hole right through them. He once chewed off the corner of a leather couch. He was weird but such a loving cat. He enjoyed sleeping with the girls and really loved on the twins when they were babies.

Spooky started going outside when we put the dog door in in 2008. He loved it outside. He rolled in the grass and would wait for us on the front porch. Unfortunately an animal found his way into our yard on the night of the 4th. Spooky Man is greatly missed. Not a week goes by that Raegan doesn't say she misses him and misses him cuddling with her. RIP Spooky.

4th of July 2011

We had a fun 4th of July complete with sparklers, a pool party, a parade, and free hot dogs at the community pool. We are so grateful that we live in a wonderful community and have so many family friends. The kids just soak up the community activities and enjoy hanging with their buddies.

Camp Bette Perot

Raegan went to Girl Scout Camp at Camp Bette Perot (about 2.5 hours away). She went with her friends Madeline, Rylan, and Abigail. The camp was 4 nights and 5 days. The girls had a great time but Raegan didn't think there was enough action with the horses. She thought she would be riding everyday, when in actuality they only rode once. She was quite bummed about that but still had a blast with the other events. I missed her terribly but it was good for her to spend time without us and with friends. I know Raegan wants to go again next year but she wants to go to the camp that focuses on caring for the horses.

Raegan's Family Birthday Party

As always we held 2 parties for Raegan's 8th birthday. The family party included Grandma and Grandpa Sharer, Aunt Carole, Jean, Bubbie and Grandpa, and the Johnsons. We bought a blow up slide prior to Ellie's birthday so we got it out again for Raegan's party. The kids had fun playing on the slide and jumping on the trampoline. Raegan got several nice gifts and everyone enjoyed cake and dinner.

Raegan's Birthday Donut with Ms. Jamma

Keeping with our family tradition, we headed to the donut shop to have a birthday donut with Ms. Jamma on Raegan's 8th birthday. This year Aunt Carole, Jean, Bubbie, Grandpa, and Grandma Jane joined us. The girls just love Ms. Jamma and we all love her donuts :)

Raegan's Birthday Party

Raegan had her friend's party this year at It'Z. It's basically a big game place. The kids played a few games (limbo, hoola hoops) before eating dinner. When they were done and cake was eaten, they headed into the game area for a friendly game of laser tag. From there they had free reign in the place and access to bowling, go-carts, bumper cars, laser tag, and all kinds of games. The party was LONG but the kids all had a blast! She had several friends from school there as well as a few of her old buddies from the Odyssey soccer team. Raegan had a great 8th birthday!