Tuesday, August 31, 2010

FC Dallas Game with our Odyssey Family

The Odyssey girls had the opportunity to go see a professional FC Dallas game. They also were allowed to go down on the field to welcome the players and sing the national anthem. It was a great time for all the kids and parents. At the end of the game, we stayed to watch the Frisco fireworks from our seats. Fun times had by all!

7th Annual Girls' Beach Trip

I'm posting these a little late but we've been busy!

We went to Rockport/Port Aransas for the 7th summer in a row. This year Lydia was able to join us again, Hilary Klotz went, and of course Ellie was a new member at the beach. Sloane brought her BFF Savanah also. The girls all had a great time. The weather was awesome. We had some issues with sleeping (my twins). But other than that, it was a great time! I look forward to going down again next year!