Friday, September 24, 2010

1st day of school- 2nd grade!

Raegan is a SECOND grader! It really seems like she just started school last year. But alas she is growing up and I'm getting older. Raegan is in Mrs. Jeffcoat's class. She has a few of her friends in there. She also switches classes and see Mrs. Marmom for a portion of the day. She likes switching. And then on Mondays and Tuesdays, she gets to go to Mrs. Forbes for GATES. It's been a great start to the year already. Bryan and I took her to school on the first day of school. We also did our tradition of having donuts with Mrs. Jemma!

And here's a comparison picture from the first day of 1st grade. It doesn't look like she's grown much but she has gotten a bit taller.

Bobcat Cheer

Raegan is doing pee-wee cheerleading this year. She cheers for the 1st grade Bobcats Blue. Raegan really likes it! She cheers with 3 of her little friends from school, Madeline, Abigail, and Rylan. Raegan is doing well with cheer and catches on quickly to the cheers and dance. She could smile a bit more but I think she gets her lack of enthusiasm from her mom. :) I volunteered to be the cheer team mom and want to shoot myself!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Iowa corn

Mary Jane and Denny Claeys, Noreen's parents, came down in August for a few days. And they brought Humphrey corn!!!!!!!!! So good. So good. Nothing cares. The girls LOVED it again this year!

End of the Season Soccer Party

Coach Paul hosted an end of the summer party for his soccer teams. The 03s had a blast hanging out with the 94s. The girls really are a great group of girls and Bryan and I enjoy hanging out with the parents as well. Go Odyssey!

Schlitterbahn 2010

We took our second annual neighborhood trip to Schlitterbahn. This year we went down a day earlier and spent a day floating the Guadalupe River with the Greenwoods. It was fun and something we will add to the trip from now on. Then we met the Helms, Wilsons, and Shepherds at the hotel. Followed by 2 days at Schlitterbahn. It was a blast! The kids really enjoy each other and we really enjoy hanging out with those adults. I'm sure next year will be just as fun!

Fort Worth Children's Museum

We got season passes to the Children's Museum in Fort Worth. They always have a lot of fun activities and things for the kids to explore. So before heading back to work I took the girls there with mom. They had a blast as usual.

Washington Part 2

We spent everynight in Washington eating dinner on the porch and catching up. The girls also roasted marshmellows and made smores. They loved that.

Kiersten, Ryan, and Baby Jesus (we really don't know what his name is yet).

Looking for crabs when we went across on the ferry and had a picnic lunch.

Snoqualmie Falls