Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun times

This is just a picture post. Nothing special going on right now!

Samantha walking and Mallory trying to knock her down. Sam is doing a great job!

Going for a bike ride with the girls.

This was the first time they enjoyed their bike ride. Last time they didn't fit very well in the seats.

Spooky joins the girls EVERY morning for their morning bottle. He loves the babies. He also joins them after bathtime.

Speaking of bathtime, we took the bath seats out of the tub since they just wanted to stand up all the time. Now Raegan has enough room to take a bath with them. She enjoys it!

We discovered markers and Mallory figured out that they have tops that come off!

Friday, March 20, 2009

An update of sorts!

We are back from our Spring Break Beach trip. We all had a great time. The babies were fabulous in the car and really the entire trip. Raegan was great. Sloane was great. They only had one tiff on the way home. We had 2 days of rain and 2 days of sun. We spent one day of rain at the aquarium. The next day we didn't have rain until the afternoon so the girls were able to play on the beach at the condo for a while. The 2 days of sun we spent in Port Aransas. We also went on the Dolphin boat again with T-Jo. On the way home we stopped at the Natural Bridge Caverns outside of San Antonio. It was very cool and the girls loved it.

As far as the babies and what they are doing, here is that update:

Samantha- crawling, pulling up, cruising furniture, starting to walk behind her walker, 3 teeth now, waving, clapping, and being a drama queen at all times.

Mallory- crawling and no longer dropping and dragging, pulling up, haven't tried the walker yet, 7 teeth, waving, clapping, imitating words "more" when eating and "bird" on the beach, and being Mellow Mallory.

Raegan- playing outdoor soccer and getting ready to start indoor, trying a new gymnastics place, reading better everyday, adding one and some 2 digit numbers, attending in school much better (thank you Vyvanse), playing outside with friends all the time and maintaining her drama queen status.

Here are some pictures from the trip!