Saturday, November 26, 2011 Medieval Times!

Thanksgiving was a little different this year. The old and young Johnson's went to Hot Springs Village for a long weekend. We stayed home because Bryan wasn't able to take time off work (um, we won't do that next year buddy). While we did have a great Thanksgiving, I missed being with family and having a big turkey dinner.

However, we did have a great Thanksgiving brunch at our house with the Sharers, Kiernans, and Greenwoods. The kids played Wii and also rode bikes and the adults enjoyed time together and good food.

After nice long naps, we headed to Medieval Times to do something fun for Thanksgiving. We went with the Greenwoods and had a fabulous time. The girls all loved it. So while it wasn't our usual Thanksgiving holiday, it was a great one anyway!

Dallas World Aquarium

Carole and I took the girls to the Dallas World Aquarium this week. The aquarium is so nice and the girls loved it. Because some schools were still in session, the aquarium wasn't very busy. We were able to take our time seeing all the animals and fish without worrying about being in anyone's way. Fun times during Thanksgiving Break!

Switching Teams- Go Fever Black!

Raegan is switching teams again. Several reasons for the move but so far we are very pleased with the decision we made. Coach Stephen is an excellent leader and Raegan just adores all of the girls on the team.

The girls played in the XARA Fall Classic the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was the first time that 4 of the girls had played with the team, Raegan being one of the girls. They played in the gold division and won 2nd place! Raegan played lights out against her old team during the championship game. (Well her old team with 6 players from another team). After the tournament, one of the dads treated all of the girls to 2 scoops of ice cream at Braums. What a great weekend Fever Black had with the first time playing as a team! I know good things are to come from this group!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween 2011

Oh Halloween! Halloween fell on a school night this year, which meant few drinks for mommy and tired kids in the morning. We started the evening at the Greenwood's house. They hosted a gathering to put good food in the kids' tummies before attacking them with candy. Then we trick-or-treated around Fox Pointe and Eagle's Ridge. The girls all enjoyed running up to the houses with their buddies. Mallory fell at least 3 times because she's such a clumsy soul. The kids got entirely too much candy and of course I've eaten too much of it. After heading to Mrs. Sherry's house, Eve and Bob's, and Uncle Aaron's, we ended the night at the Helms for some chicken tortilla soup and caramel apples. Fun time had by all!

The twins with their buddies Ella and Maggie

Raegan with her BFF, Maddie

Hitting the Pinata at the Greenwood's

We went with an Alice in Wonderland theme this year. Raegan was the MadHatter. Samantha was the Queen of Hearts. And Mallory was Alice.

Pumpkin Carving

With the coming of Halloween, we had to have our annual pumpkin carving. Everyone really got into it this year. Raegan had a stencil drawn out (that ended up being too complicated to cut out), Ellie stuck her hand right in there and got the gunk out, Sloane put a mustache on her pumpkin, and Samantha and Mallory drew their own faces this year. It's been fun watching out the girls get better and better every year and want more independence with their pumpkin design. We ended up with some cute pumpkins!

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We almost missed pumpkin patch season this year. With soccer and futsal in full swing, we didn't have many open dates to make it out to the pumpkin patch. But we finally found a day to go and Raegan asked her friend Abigail to go along. Bryan didn't go because he was preparing things at home for our backyard construction. Of course it had rained the night before and it was MUDDY! But the girls had a good time. We got our kettle corn and snowcones, pictures with pumpkins, faces painted, jumped in bounce houses, and just had a good time.

Samantha was 3'2"

Mallory was 3'4"

Raegan was 4'4" and I think she was cheating