Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Days

We have been off of school for the past 2 days because of all the ice on the roads. Tuesday there was NOTHING on the roads but they said it was going to get bad in the afternoon, hence no school. Today we woke up and we were covered in ice. None of my doors would open on the van. Bryan had to crawl through the back hatch to start the car. The car ran for 40 minutes before we could open the doors. There was A LOT of ice. But the roads were fine by that point. My van just happened to be sitting in the shade.

We had a great 2 days just playing and watching movies. Bryan was off on Wednesday with us. Here are some pictures of the good times we have had in the past 2 days!

Raegan likes to wrap Samantha up and carry her around like a baby. Samantha doesn't mind it one bit.

Bryan even cleaned out some cabinets, forcing me to look busy and do the same. We threw away a bunch of stuff we haven't used ever!

Getting ready for another movie.

The door is a big hit with both girls. Mallory laughs her head off when Samantha goes through the door.

Showing off her newfound skill of getting into a sitting position by herself!

Just having fun. They play so well together most of the time. Such good girls I have. ALL of them!

Crazy Crawlers

I tried to get some short videos of the girls crawling. Samantha is super fast and Mallory is getting much faster at her "army crawl". Mallory has also learned how to get herself into a sitting position. FINALLY! They are so fun and play so well most of the time. I hope they continue to be able to play so independently! Having twins is great! Here is Mallory moving "so fast" as Uncle Aaron would say.

Both playing and crawling.

And they can finally hold their own bottles. I don't let them do it often though because it kills me when they spill my milk!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sports Saturday

The babies are napping and Raegan had a sleepover at a friend's. So it's just me and the dogs getting ready to head to a day filled with sports. I thought I'd take a moment to update as I haven't posted in awhile.

We are back to work and the girls are back at the sitters. Things are going well as usual. Raegan finished her first half of kindergarten yesterday and stayed on green all 6 weeks. I was very proud of her and she got to pick out a toy at Target as a reward. Raegan has a sty on her eye or something of the like. Poor thing looks like she was beat up! She is still loving indoor soccer and has a game today at noon.

The babies are doing well. Samantha is getting into anything and everything. We lowered their cribs this week because she is wanting to stand up. She is getting so close to pulling up on her own. Mallory is finally taking the initiative to crawl! She will army crawl, not quickly, and she likes to do it most for me. She is just the best thing since sliced bread when she only wants me :) Mallory also LOVES to stand up and is very good at it. Bryan practiced getting her to pull up last night and she was doing really well. She is so happy when she is standing. Both girls are still very healthy. It's the season for RSV and I'm happy to say that they haven't had any little colds or anything yet. My milk has done it's job so far! (only 42 days left of pumping BTW!)

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

Samantha trying to escape getting her jammies on and getting lotioned up.

Spooky Man loves cuddling with the girls. They like him too. Here he is trying to crush Mallory.

Raegan and Samantha all cleaned up and getting ready for bed.

Just playing in the mountain of Fisher Price!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Random Videos

I finally found the software for one of my digital cameras and was able to upload some videos I took awhile ago. They are random and not very exciting but I think it's fun to see how the babies were just a few months ago! This first one is of Samantha when she found her voice. I would say she was around 3 months old or so. Not positive though.

This one is of Mallory. She was having so much fun this night. When I screamed she would get startled and then start laughing. It was fun to watch her and she thought I was an idiot. Just the first time of many to come!

This is what they do. Mallory like to kick and stomp her legs and Samantha somehow always finds her head underneath Mallory's legs. Samantha can move but I think she likes it. Weird kids.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

8 Months!

We've had a great last month. We had our first Thanksgiving and our first Christmas. Our living room looks like a Fisher Price tornado and we love it! We also had our first trip to the zoo. It was great fun. Let's see what else has happened this month! Mommy has started a countdown. 59 more days of pumping and then she's making us drink all the frozen milk she has for us. She said we'll get at least a year of the good stuff. We think she's nuts but man is she excited and our deep freeze is almost full of milk for us! We wouldn't be surprised if she starts a countdown calendar soon.

From Mallory- I graduated from my helmet and have a perfect little noggin! It took me a few falls to figure out that there was nothing there to catch my head though. But I've learned to put my arm out to get to a laying position. Mommy loves that she can kiss on my head and rub my dark hair all the time. I'm thinking about crawling. More importantly, I'm thinking about getting to a sitting position by myself. I'm almost there. After I master that skill I know I will decide that crawling is the thing to do. I've also become a major momma's girl. I want her to hold me all the time and man can I SCREAM when I want to be picked up. Pick me up and I'm good to go! And well I think I'm slimming down. I'm still in a 6-9 month and a size 3 diaper. Maybe Samantha will catch up? Doubtful...

From Samantha- I'm officially crawling. I CAN get up on all 4s and crawl but I still prefer the army crawl. Man I am fast! I've found the electrical outlet on the floor at Bubbie's, dog food that Gracie brings to the carpet, and I still like to steal Mallory's binky. I've also started talking a lot more. I'm a fiesty little one. I am beginning to fill my 6-9 month clothes but my butt still is in a size 2 diaper. I've also taken 2 poops in the bathtub. Man mommy and daddy were NOT excited about this but I thought it was great fun!