Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We got together tonight for our yearly dinner and pumpkin carving. The big girls had a great time and the little girls missed out on the action because it was bedtime. Here are some pictures!
Noreen broke out not only the dremel but a pattern for her pumpkin's face.
Sloane and "Mr. Happy Pumpkin"
The pumpkins from left to right: Noreen, Sloane, Samantha (done by daddy), Raegan, and Mallory
The Sharer Pumpkins.
And we must always pose in front of our pumpkins!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Million $$ Noggin Holder

Mallory's headgear is here. It's painted (by daddy) and it's ready to wear! We still plan to add her name in Rhinestone stickers. I just have to get to the store to get them!

Samantha also went for her consult but it was not recommended that she wear a helmet. Her flattening on the right side is very minimal. So we'll save another million dollars. Here is Mallory and her happy self!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Fun!

We took the girls to the Pumpkin Express after the soccer game. We joined some other soccer buddies there and had a great time.
Raegan and Sydney getting ready for the train ride.
Bryan and Mallory. She was fascinated with all the things moving around and making noise.
Mommy and Samantha.
It was a hot day out.

Samantha liked the pumpkins.
Mallory wasn't too impressed with the hay.
Raegan had her face painted as a kitty.
Raegan and her soccer buddies (Natalie, Taylor, Kylee, Raegan).


I finally remembered my camera! Here are some of Raegan and her friends at this weekend's soccer game. Raegan played a GREAT game!

Jordan, Raegan, and Natalie during half time.
Resting with grandpa.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sleepy times

Not much going on here in the Sharer household. Raegan is continuing with soccer practice, gymnastics, and soccer games. So we often end up with 2 very tired babies. One of these days Raegan will have to return the favor and sit through all of their activities.

Here is Mallory passed out with what looks like squash on her cheeks. Mallory went for her helmet imaging on Monday. She will get her helmet on the 27th and Bryan will be painting it quickly so she can start wearing it. Isn't she the sweetest thing?!?!
Samantha gets worn out the most because she rarely sleeps in the car. She was so tired this day (after a soccer game) she passed out after eating her lunch. Mouth open just like her daddy! Oh, Samantha is also going for a consult with the noggin doctor. Bryan noticed her head last week. She is pretty flat on the side she is tilted to and she had a bulge on the other side. So, we take her the same day/time that Mallory gets her helmet. But there is a strong chance that they will both be wearing expensive headgear! We can't possibly justify fixing one head and not the other though. We'll update you later on this!
The girls have all been sporting their Halloween gear this week. It's been GREAT weather here. Highs in the mid 70s. LOVE IT! Raegan is going to be Dorothy for Halloween and the girls are going to be 'Flying Monkeys'. I can't wait!

We hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, October 10, 2008

More fun times at the Sharer house!

Daddy and Mallory getting ready to get dressed for bedtime.
Naked Samantha. She has no butt and hardly any fat on her body. Oh why can't I pass her some of mine?
Naked Mallory. Check out those rolls. She truly is her momma's girl!
All the Sharer girls. This was a fun night playing before bedtime. The babies are so alert these days and have fun interacting with Raegan too!

5 months...I'm a slacker

So yeah I'm not on the ball lately with this blog. If the net nazi at work wouldn't block this site, I would be able to update more often :)

Things are going well here but very hectic. I'm super busy at work (very unusual for me) and the girls have appointment after appointment it seems. So I feel like I've been a bit neglectful at work but I am getting my stuff done and the girls are taken care of. So that's all that matters.

Both girls are rolling now and eating solid foods. I'm making their baby food and they seem to really like it. We've only done a few different fruits and veggies now though. We'll add more when they hit 6 months. They are also both in size 3-6 month clothes. Samantha's are a bit big but not too bad overall. Here are some current pics of the girls!

Samantha has had croup this month. She is finally not snotty anymore and doing much better. She continues to go to physical therapy for her head tilt. It was almost to the point where we could start coming once a month and then she got sick and slept in her swing several nights. So it's regressed and we still go once a week to PT. Ugh. Here she is. She is a ball of smiles all the times. Very social butterfly this one is!

Love them!
Mallory is starting to sit up on her own. She can sit with her arms propping herself for quite awhile. It seems as if she will be following in Raegan's footsteps with the physical abilities. Mallory also love to blow raspberries and definitely still loves her milk and food. She's quite the chunker! Mallory is getting a Doc Band (or helmet) within the next 2 weeks. She has a rather flat spot that is not rounding itself out and her head is a bit on the wide side. We go on Monday for the imaging for the helmet. Then we should get it on the 27th. She will be wearing it for around 10 weeks and then will have a perfect head! I'll post pics when she gets it and it's all painted pretty! We are thinking flames in pinks and purples :)
They fit in their side-by-side now. Yeah! That means we will get rid of the heavy infant carriers as soon as they are sitting unassisted. And notice Raegan's pose. She is doing very well in school and just loves it!