Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer is here...

...too bad summer vacation is still 2 weeks away though!

We took the girls to the pool for the second time today. They all had a blast. Raegan had a friend but was 'cold' so she didn't swim much with her friend. The babies really enjoyed their floats and were good.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Field Day 2009!

Raegan had her 2nd field day this past week. She had one last year at Lillie Jackson also. The kids had a lot of fun and I was able to be there most of the day (minus an hour for a Babe's luncheon. Who would miss that?). Her class was so well behaved and really enjoyed themselves with all the games. She was beat after the day and so was I! I give props to all the kindergarten teachers out there. There is no way I could teach that grade!

Raegan has a mere 2 weeks left of school now. On June 4th she will have kindergarten graduation. She is excited about that! On May 28th, a piece of Raegan's artwork is on display at the administration building. She says it's her Horned Owl painting. I have yet to see it but I'm excited for her! She and Sloane are such great artists!

We also will meet Baby Ellie in 5 days! We are all very excited about her arrival. Noreen and I will have a day to play tomorrow. We'll do lunch and get pedicures before Ellie arrives. Everyone needs some pampering before giving birth. Please send positive thoughts her way. I'm hoping the labor and delivery goes smoothly for Noreen and Baby Ellie is a healthy, little princess. I'll be posting pictures of her Thursday night if she has arrived by the time I have to leave the hospital. So check back then!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Cleanse results

I'm done FINALLY! I lost 9.5 pounds! I'm happy about that. I met my first goal of 7 pounds but not my second goal of 10 pounds. Close enough though.

Now I need some sort of color other than stark white on my legs. Maybe we'll head to the pool this weekend!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

4 more...

...weeks of work left. 3 more weeks with kids at school. This month has been the longest month so far. It always is. I don't know why I'm surprised about this. But man I am just embarrassed at how parents in my community act. I love working where I live but jeez if I were to see some of these people out somewhere, I would be tempted to run them over!

I'm also cleansing this week and part of next. No food + pissy parents = bitchy Carrie. I'm down 5.2 pounds though and that just makes me chipper. 5 more days of cleanse. 4 more weeks of work. I can do this. I am strong. OK maybe I'm not strong but I'm not going to let the pissyness of others get to me.

Let's see if I can find some pictures of the girls... Well crap. It's looks like I haven't taken any pictures in the last week. Here is one of Raegan and her new soccer trophy! We had a great time at the end of the season party.

I promise to take some pictures this weekend.

PS. Baby Ellie will be here in 9 days! I can't wait to meet my new niece!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My very different princesses

A fellow blogger wrote a blog recently about her girls and things that they do. I found it to be a great idea so here goes. This may help you get to know a little more about my precious girls!

Raegan Elizabeth, the oldest princess

* Turning 6 in 1.5 months (going on 16 though)

* In kindergarten and LOVES her teacher.

* Plays indoor and outdoor soccer. Is super aggressive on the field and has gotten a few penalties in indoor soccer. Hmmmm..... She can also outrun 99% of the kids on the field.

* Whiner, big whiner. Can cry on command.

* Learning to read and doing extremely well at it! Great speller too.

* Does gymnastics once a week and loves it too. She'll do whatever they ask her to do. She's the only one in her class that can climb the rope all the way to the ceiling. She is a monkey!

* Has ADHD (actually diagnosed). When she doesn't take her medicine, she's all over the place. Her last soccer coach called her the energizer bunny. It's very fitting.

* Has gorgeous, big blue eyes with the longest eye lashes that any woman would pay for.

* Manipulator. She is very tricky and gets her way most of the time.

* Great artist. She loves to draw, color, paint, make things, etc.

* Very kind to her sisters and is very loving most of the time.

* Nicknames: Rae, Raeganator, Hater (Uncle Aaron calls her this), Boo.

Samantha Kay, the middle princess

* Major flirt. She smiles all the time at everyone and turns her head to be shy.

* Major drama queen. She already tantrums and will throw her body on the ground and cry. Like her older sister, she can also cry on command.

* Great sleeper.

* Waves hi and bye, claps her hands, points.

* EXCELLENT eater. She will eat 95% of the things you put in front of her. She can also out-eat her twin, who outweighs her by 4 pounds. She must have a hollow leg.

* Looks like her daddy. Like they could have been identical twins at birth and as babies. He calls her his mini-me. It's very true.

* Climber. Loves to climb on things. Loves to cry when she falls too.

* Says "dada, mama, book and a few other words that she repeats".

* Knows how to wash her belly, wash her pee-pee, and brush her hair. Will brush Mallory's hair also.

* Can stand on her own and take 2-3 steps when coaxed.

* She has 4 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 2 on the top. Working on 2 more on the top right now. Teething does not phase her!

* Nicknames: Sam, Sammie, Sammie Samerton, Boo, Peanut, Little Bryan.

Mallory Rose, the baby princess

* Generally quiet and mellow. She likes to observe and take things in when we are out.

* TOTAL momma's girl. If I'm in the vicinity, I need to be holding her if she's unhappy. Bryan doesn't do the trick. Bubbie doesn't do the trick. Only momma.

* Also a great sleeper. Love my great sleepers!

* Waves but is stingy with her waves. Claps all the time, especially while eating.

* Picky eater but overall good eater. She will shovel the food in but has certain things she just won't eat. Loves to put her food in her mouth and then spit it right back out. MESSY eater! Also messy drinker. Again, likes to put the drink in her mouth and then dribble it out her mouth. Lovely.

* Not sure who the child looks like. She has several of momma's features but I'm thinking she might be the embryologist's child. Maybe!

* Stubborn. If you want her to stand up, she buckles her knees. She does not try anything unless you make her do it. For example, she wouldn't crawl until I made her crawl for her food. I'm sure the same will go for walking.

* Loves to dance. She bounces up and down and turns her body from side to side. Also does some motions for "wheels on the bus and itsy bitsy spider".

* Can wash her belly and brush her hair like her sister.

* Has 8 teeth. 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom. Again, teething doesn't phase her.

* SCREAMS when she sees food and you aren't giving her any. Total drama with food, just like her momma!

* Nicknames: Mal, Mals, Boo, Chunk of Love, Honey Bunches of Love, Chunk.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Birthday Party

Well the last party is said and done. All the family came over last night to help us celebrate their birthday (a day late since they were sick on their real birthday). Bubbie and Grandpa weren't here as they are on another golf excursion in Arkansas. Anyway, we cooked burgers and brats, ate, had cake AGAIN, and opened more presents! What more could 2 one year olds want?

But first a quick look at what snacktime looks like sometimes at our house. I promise I had just vacuumed up all the dog hair. Throwing food on the floor REALLY keeps them entertained!