Saturday, August 30, 2008

4 months old already?

Where has the time gone? Well today marks the anniversary of my egg retrieval and the conception of the girls. Aren't we all so happy they are here. I'll post a picture of what they looked like at 5 days old and then their current pics! I wonder which is which. My friend Sheila said Mallory is on the right because it is fatter :)

Speaking of the Tank. Here she is weighing in at 14 lb 9 oz, 73rd %tile. She is 24.5 in long and is in the 60th %tile for height. She's trekking right along! Mallory can smile, laugh, roll to her side, hold her head up like a champ, and sleep through the night!
And the little Peanut weighs in at 10 lb 13 oz and is barely on the charts in the 5th %tile. She is 23.75 inches long and in the 33rd %tile for height. Samantha can also laugh, smile, roll to her side, and sleep through the night. She is also rolling from her belly to her back but doesn't have wonderful head control right now. Samantha is going to physical therapy once a week to correct her head tilt. In this picture she is just being lazy. Her head doesn't really tilt this much. LOL! And she refused to smile :)
Best Friends! Check out that size difference. Almost 4 pounds. The one with the smirk is the ornery one though! Little Miss Serious is often wanting her to shut up!
A true picture of how skinny the child is. She loves her bathtime!
Mallory also loves bathtime. Here she is waiting for me to dress her. Since she is the patient one, she often gets to wait for her sister when daddy isn't around to help out.

The girls are now going to Ms. Sherry's house while I'm at work. They really like her and she is fabulous with them. She said they are such good babies that she could handle 2 sets of twins if they were this good. They have 2 friends with them at Ms. Sherry's. Raegan (can you believe it's spelled how we spell Raegan?) is 16 months old. She is a little peanut like Samantha. And Payton is 22 months old but doesn't start until this coming week. We are so happy to have another Ms. Sherry in our lives. Ms. Shari, who kept Raegan as a baby, was so great. We know the current Ms. Sherry will be just as wonderful!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of Kindergarten!

Raegan started Kindergarten today! Can you believe it? Her teacher is Mrs. Shuster, who I requested because I used to babysit her kids and she is fabulous. She has her good friend Maddie in her class and a girl from her soccer team, Sydney. I'm so excited that she will be meeting new friends and have a great teacher! Raegan of course did fabulously because we all know the child isn't afraid of anything. Bryan and I both took her in and I picked her up after school. Tomorrow she will start in the afterschool program. And maybe I'll start having lunch with her on Friday. I love being at her school so far! Anyway, onto the pics!

Raegan, me and the babies...
With her backpack. Raegan wore a cute dress with her name on it. I wanted to make sure everyone knew who she was. LOL!
Eating breakfast at the donut shop with Ms. Jamma, mom and dad.
In front of the school sign. Look how little she looks!
In front of Mrs. Shuster's class.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Back to work!

Well I went back to work on 8-7. It was a long day without the babies and I missed them every minute! I never thought going back to work would be this hard but we had just gotten into a good routine and the girls are just so damn cute! They did have a great day with Allie though. Today they stayed with Bubbie and next week is also a huge mix of people watching them. They will start with their in-home sitter on 8-19. She follows the teacher schedule and that's when the teachers go back.

Work is going well so far. I like all the people I have met and they are all so friendly. I am so excited to have the opportunity to work in the district we live in. I am home around 4:00 and don't have to leave the house until 7:30. It's so nice and allows me more time to spend with all of the girls! Plus I cannot wait to be at Raegan's school and get to have lunch with her and see her in action walking through the halls! I am so thankful for how things are going in my life. It couldn't get any better!

Monday, August 4, 2008

5th Annual Johnson Beach Trip!

The Johnson girls went on the 5th annual girls' trip. This time we added 2 new members, the twins. Lydia also went along again this year. We adopt her as a Johnson for a week every summer. We had a great time. Despite all the worry I had about the car ride, Samantha and Mallory did really well. There were only a few times that I wanted to jump out of the moving van.

The girls from left to right: Noreen, Sloane, Lydia with Samantha, Raegan, me with Mallory, and Bubbie (mom)
Lydia and Bubbie taking the girls for a short walk. They got several comments along the way.
Samantha taking a snooze in the back of the van.
Raegan- obviously!
Raegan and Sloane digging for shells.
Mallory hanging out in her shades :)
Samantha and Mallory in their tent to block the wind.
I can't wait for next year's beach trip. It will be so much fun watching the girls run around like Raegan did her first year (she was one). Thanks again Bubbie for another great vacation!