Friday, June 29, 2012

Girl Scout Camp-Horse Heaven

 Raegan, Abigail, Madeline, Rylan, and Katie went to Girl Scout Camp this year, a second year in a row for all but Katie.  The girls decided to go to a session that dealt most with horses and horse back riding.  They had a blast!  Raegan, Rylan, and Katie were all in a cabin together.  Both Maddie and Abigail were in their own cabins without a familar face.  We dropped Raegan off on a Sunday after her soccer tournament.  She was the last girl to check in out of the whole camp.  She didn't want to miss a championship game so we had to make special arrangements to check her in late.  All of the moms loaded up in cars to pick the girls up on the following Friday.  The girls were so excited when we picked them up.  They all went on and on about how much fun they had. 

I'm so thankful that Raegan is able to have so many different experiences to learn and grow from.  I hope one day she looks back on her childhood years and is thankful too.

Guts and Glory Academy Challenge 2012

Fever 03 played in the Guts and Glory Academy Challenge hosted by the Liverpool Soccer Club.  They played up in U10 against older girls and dominated every game.  The competition wasn't that great but it was nice to see them playing older girls and holding their own.  The girls won first place and played 5 games in 90 degree heat.  Raegan didn't come out of any games until the last game.  And aside from her performance during the third game, I was very pleased with her and how much she has improved.  Good things are happening for the Fever girls! 

Doesn't she look cute in all white!

  Girls getting ready to take shots at Raegan on her birthday.  No one hit the target, her butt!
 Team mascot, Maximus Lopez

 Happy Father's Day dads!  Girls took shots at them too!
 Dad and daughter photo

Father's Day Pics

I found a cute idea on Pinterest for a Father's Day gift.  I asked the girls why they loved dad and wrote it on a construction paper heart (looks cute on a chalkboard too but I don't have one).  We took the pics with their hearts and framed them all together with something that said "I love dad".  It turned out really adorable and I think Bryan liked it.  We spent Father's Day at a soccer tournament and then drove Raegan to girl scout camp after the team won first place.  On the way home from dropping Rae off in Palestine, we stopped for dinner.  Fun day!

I love dad
...because he gives good hugs and kisses!
 ...because he reads me books and plays games with me!
 ...because he takes me to soccer and does projects with me!

Birthday Donut for Raegan's 9th Birthday

As tradition would have it, we loaded up and headed to have a birthday donut with Jamma before Raegan's soccer tournament.  I almost forgot to order the donut and luckily found Jamma's cell phone number.  I was able to send her a text and order the donut just about 12 hours before we needed it.  That's good service!  Sam and Mallory helped eat the donut as well as Bubbie, Grandpa, and Grandma Jane.  We also gave Raegan a quilt made out of her old jerseys and camp shirts.  She loved it!  Amy Miller, a friend from high school, made the quilt and I was very happy with how it turned out. 

Raegan's First Ranger's Game

We got Raegan Rangers tickets for her birthday.  They were great seats, just 5 rows back off of third base.  We surprised her with the tickets.  She thought she was going to soccer practice and was all dressed for practice.  Instead we went to the game.  She was so excited!  We tried to catch a few foul balls and were very close 3 times.  The Rangers lost the game but we did get to see a Ranger home run.  What a fun night!

Raegan's 9th Birthday Celebrations

Raegan had a few birthday celebrations as usual this year.  We started out with a friend's from school sleepover and swim party.  Raegan and her friend Abigail have a birthday just a day apart.  We decided this year to have a joint party. 

Summer cupcakes

Noreen made both of the girls signs to hang in the backyard.

 Raegan and Abigail, the birthday girls!

 Bryan got a 65" TV from a friend.  We are using it as an outdoor TV and have put it on a cart with wheels.  We wheeled it outside and the girls watched Mr. Popper's Penguins.

I didn't take any pictures of Raegan's second birthday party.  It was with her Fever soccer friends.  The girls came over for the afternoon.  They swam, ate lunch, tie-dyed shirts in Fever colors, swam some more, and had cake.  They all had a great time and it was drama free!

We were unable to find time for a family birthday party.  So in between games at Raegan's soccer tournament, we met at Macaroni Grill for an early dinner on Raegan's real birthday.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3v3 Tournament-Summer Sizzler

Raegan played in a 3v3 tournament this past weekend with a few of her Fever teammates (Oli, Sam, Chloe and Felicity).  It was HOT outside and the girls played 5 games back to back.  They did a great job playing together and moving the ball.  Raegan isn't as confident with the ball as the girls she played with.  So this was good practice for her and forced her to move the ball instead of just passing it off.  She did pretty well.  The team won all of their games by 6+ goals.  The won the championship game easily and took first place!  Felicity came in town and is staying with Oli the entire summer to train.  Her parents left her that weekend after the last pool play game.  She was so upset when they left.  The girls were trying to comfort her.  They really enjoy having her in town and playing with them.  GO FEVER!!!