Saturday, March 29, 2008

Quick Cervix Update

The PA measured me at 3.7 cm on Thursday. Well her first measurement was 4.5 cm so I'm pretty doubtful that her measurement was accurate. Either way, I've bought myself another week of work. I see the OB on Thursday and at that point I think we'll discuss working part-time (3 days a week) until the babies are delivered. I've come to the conclusion that slowing down is needed if I want to keep these babies in another 32 days! And I do want them to be chunky monkeys when they are born (although I don't think Mallory will even need to try). I would like some more fat on Samantha before she comes out though!

Oh, the babies were both practicing breathing at the sonogram. It was very cool to see their chests move up and down. Mallory's breathing seemed stronger but she also has a lot more tummy weight to move around.

Have a great weekend! We're headed to Raegan's soccer game in a bit.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Perintologist Appointment Update

Well, here I thought we would get some great pictures of the babies and nothing! We got 2 terrible pictures of their faces, which were barely recognizable, and a VHS tape. Yes, VHS. LOL! But let's talk about why I was at the specialist.

He did measure both babies and felt that Samantha's stomach was just fine. It is only measuring 6 days behind where it should be. Not a big deal. Anyway, she weighed in at 3 pounds 11 ounces, 37th percentile. Just fine for a little girl. Chunky Monkey Mallory is still big. She is apparently getting all the french fries and ice cream that I've been eating. Mallory weighed in at 4 pounds 3 ounces (didn't catch the percentile but it continues to be near 90th percentile I'm sure)! Both babies had plenty of fluid and both had great blood flow from the placenta to the umbilical cord. So, yay! The doctor didn't feel like there was a need to see me another time.

As for the momma, me, my cervix just continues to shorten. Blah. It was at 3.2 cm. which is a .6cm decrease in 5 days. If I haven't told you already, my OB says that 3 cm is bedrest and 2.5 is hospital rest. Which means I probably will be sent to bed soon. (insert screaming mad smiley face here).

I see the assistant on Thursday because my OB is out of town. I don't see her putting me on bedrest. But I see the OB the following Thursday and I bet that's when it will happen. As much as I don't want it to happen because things will get difficult with money and getting Raegan to and from places, I will do what I need to do to keep these girls inside for another 5 weeks.

Please keep your fingers crossed that my cervix continues to hold steady or gets longer! I'll update again on Thursday after my appointment.

And just for good measure, here is the gut. 31 weeks and 5 days. 5 weeks from tomorrow and the babies will be here!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the weeks just keep passing!

Well I'm 31 weeks tomorrow. I had another check-up this morning. It was just alright. No weight gain. Blood pressure looks great. Cankles are still kickin it in full force. Babies are still happy and moving like crazy. The not-so-great was my cervix. Although it does look good still, it has gone down a bit and is now at 3.8cm. The big difference in a week is not something we wanted to see. However, I am on Spring Break and that means that I'm not sitting. You would think it would be the opposite but being home means I'm doing more than at work. The doctor is alright with me continuing to work still. She said we will re-evaluate in 2 weeks. Hmm.....

Bryan also had surgery yesterday. He had a deviated septum repaired and some sinus cavities cleaned out. He also had a small cyst removed from his sinus cavity. Although it looked alright, they are still sending it off to pathology just to see what the heck it is. Needless to say, the man is in pain. I do feel bad for him but I know after this week of hell, he will be much better. Hopefully the surgery will permanently clear up his chronic sinus problems. Keep your fingers crossed! I definitely need the man healthy for the upcoming baby events!

No pictures to show you today. If I posted a picture of Bryan passed out on the couch with his lovely ice pack, I do believe he would kill me! I will hopefully have some good pictures on Monday after seeing the perintologist.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Texas Snow in MARCH!

Yes, we had our first snow of the year and it just happened to be in March. The day before the snow it was 60 degrees out. Day after the snow it was 70 degrees. Such is life in Texas. But Raegan, Sloane, and Bryan had a great time in the snow. We came home a little early, skipped gymnastics, and headed out to play in the snow. Sledding didn't work well because they snow was so wet. But we did build a few snowmen and they had a few snowball fights. Raegan was so happy to see snow!

My Shower!

Well, one of them. Heidi and Sandy (neighbors and friends) hosted a shower for me on March 2nd. It was so much fun! They did a great job and I got so many nice things. Here are a few pictures from the event.

Sandy, me, Heidi----

The diaper cake that Heidi made. There were 106 diapers in this thing!

Yummy Strawberry cake. It was delicious!

Measuring my gut. I have no idea how long the string was but Angie was the winner (not pictured).

Some of the things all piled up at home. It took me forever to go through it all!

Some twin gear. So cute!

I have another shower scheduled for April 14th at one of my schools. And I believe there will also be one on April 16th at my monthly diagnostician meeting. I can't wait!

The nursery

The nursery has been almost done for quite sometime now. Both sets of grandparents bought a crib and a dresser, which was great! Bubbie then bought a glider because she insisted that I needed one. OK, I really wanted one too. We did a cute farm theme.

Cribs- Notice we did not change the wall paint from how Raegan's nursery was painted. (Raegan has moved into a big girl room!) MAN 2 cribs take up A LOT more space than I would have thought!

Dresser #1- Already full of clothes- all non-matching, newborn and 0-3 months!

Glider- Where the babies will soon be attached to my breast!

And dresser #2- Quickly filling up with all matching outfits, newborn and 0-3 month. Also a drawer full of little socks, booties, bibs, hairbands, all that frilly stuff!

Where might you ask do we put all the exersaucers, bouncers, and swings. Well, I tell you finding space for 2 of everything has been quite the adventure! Right now all is sitting in the nursery and it's a total disaster! Things are EVERYWHERE! I have to move a swing to put more things in the closet. Move a bouncer to get into a dresser. At least once the babies are here I will have a reason to leave things in the living room!

Oh and the names. I made those and am so proud of them. Here are some close-up pictures of them.

An update on daughter #1, formally known as Raegan

She is doing great. Raegan is still in the PreK Pals program in my school district. She loves it and has learned so much. She is now able to write and recognize all letters. She knows all of their sounds. She is starting to read sight words and is really interested in learning. Raegan has also become a great 'Pal' to the special needs students in her classroom. She talks all the time about how wonderful the morning and afternoon friends are doing. She sees old friends (that have moved to more restrictive classrooms) and says hi to them, then reports all of this to me. She is definitely a Johnson as she loves helping other kids.

Here she is at her school rodeo.

And racing at the Rodeo (she says she won because she is so fast but I don't know if this is a fib or not).

Raegan also started soccer again this year. She has been quite the player the last 3 games. She really likes playing and seems to get it. And we all know that she is not a shy child so she is quite aggressive on the soccer field. She has expressed some interest in playing indoor soccer. If I can handle the practices and games once the babies come, I will enroll her in indoor. And eventually we will switch to a club soccer team. Because well, mom isn't happy with rec so far. LOL!

Raegan also continues to do gymnastics and loves it. She isn't afraid of anything, which is wonderful because she tries everything they ask her to do and is usually successful. No back flips or anything like that yet! Why don't I have any pictures of soccer or gymnastics? Who knows. I'll try and get some.

Last thing about Raegan, she is very excited about the babies. She loves to help me pick out clothes for them (good lord we need to stop shopping!). She also likes trying out all the swings, bouncers, and exersaucers by getting her big girl self into all of them. Most of the time I have to get her out. Anyway, here she is practicing for the twins. She will be a great big sister!

Well I haven't posted in awhile.... give me some time to catch you all up!

Last time I posted we didn't know what we were having. Girls, boys, girl/boy combo. We now know that we are adding 2 more GIRLS to the Sharer clan. No boys in our future, as I am having my tubes tied when the babies are born.

So for the babies. They are doing well. I'll give you the latest stats from Thursday, March 13th.

Mallory Rose- measuring in the 90th percentile. Breech on my right side. Weighing in at 3lb12oz. Fat, fat girl!

Samantha Kay- measuring in the 30th percentile. Head is good. Femur is good. Stomach is a bit small (19th percentile). They're keeping an eye on it but don't have any worries at this point. Vertex (head down) on my left side and buried in my pelvis. Weighing in at 3lb3oz. Good weight for the small tummy!

As for me, I'm doing great. I have full on cankles and they are lovely!

And the gut. Well the gut keeps expanding at a steady pace. Right now I'm measuring 40 weeks pregnant at only 30 weeks. My body continues to amaze me as my belly button is yet to pop out and I am yet to get any stretchmarks. Please knock on wood for me! Let me post some comparison pictures. Here is the gut at 11 weeks, starting to get out there.

Here I am at 30 weeks. The most recent picture.

As for my cervix (for those of you that care or know about this stuff). It's holding steady at 4.2cm, which is EXCELLENT! I have to say, my body really has held up well with these 2 babies so far. I'm still working without any issues (like my work is hard or something) and I'm still able to pretty much do what I want to. I am cutting back on housework and haven't run any marathons lately. But you get the drift.