Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

NYE we headed over to the Schmucker's house for a small gathering. The kids all played for a bit (the twins had to stay with a sitter because I didn't want them there). Then they watched a movie and went to bed. The adults all ate, and ate and ate. And then played some games and watched the ball drop. Good time had by all. Happy New Year!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mallory's First Hair Cut

Mallory has great curls like Raegan did so I've been hesitant to get her hair cut. But it was getting a big straggly and I decided it was time. Mallory did a great during the haircut (even with 2 autistic boys going nuts). She was so happy sitting in the chair the whole time. She only got a few inches cut off but it doesn't look as straggly anymore!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vacation Activites

Christmas vacation allows us lots of time to spend with close friends. So generally we take advantage of the time and do lots of fun activities. This break along with our Christmas traditions and celebrations, we went ice skating twice, went to the park, tried out a new gymnastics class with friends, went rollerskating, and went to IT'z pizza buffet and game room. It was lots of fun and kept us moving! We are truly blessed that we have great neighbors and friends to do these fun things with. The kids are always surrounded by their buddies and the moms always get a chance to catch up. It's always a big bummer when we have to go back to school/work! But we're counting down the days until Spring Break when we can plan a week's worth of fun again!

Christmas Day at the Johnson

We spend pretty much the entire day at my parents house on Christmas. After opening gifts at our house, we load up our car with presents and head a mile down the road. The kids had a great time! The twins got rocking chairs from Montana Woodworks, a basketball net, marble maze, clothes, shoes, books and lots of other goodies. Raegan got an American girl doll, crafts, a bingo game, clothes, shoes, and other good things. The kids all had fun playing together all day, watching movies, napping, and eating a fabulous Christmas dinner. Dad had a brilliant idea to put all of the girls at the kitchen table for dinner and I do believe this is the best idea he's had in years! They were quiet and enjoyed each other's company while the adults got to have a quiet meal without paying attention to the food throwing! What a great Christmas we had in 2010!

Christmas Morning at Our House

Santa Claus was GOOD to the girls this year. He read their minds and brought them everything they wished for. Samantha and Mallory got new tricycles, helmets, another stroller, and another scooter. Raegan got a hamster (named Freckles) and a laptop! Wow! Then we gave them the usual: books, clothes, shoes, PJs, puzzles, and a few toys. Santa also stuffed the stockings full of good things. What a fun morning the girls had on Christmas. They enjoyed playing with Freckles and the dogs and cats really love that little thing too!

Christmas Eve with the Sharers

Keeping with tradition, we spent Christmas Eve at the Sharer house. Harry cooked a fabulous dinner and the girls all ate and played. After dinner, we opened up Christmas presents with everyone. All of the grandkids got pillow pets. The twins got sleeping bags, clothes, boots, arts and crafts stuff, and several other things. Raegan got a karaoke machine, boots, clothes, a new backpack and other things. Jane and Harry bought all of the kids and grandkids season passes to the new Hawaiian Falls in Roanoke. I know that will be great this summer (and suggested them). Jane and Harry also offered to pay for our hotel during our family reunion to Gatlinburg in July. That was very nice! Christmas Eve was lots of fun again. When the girls got home to our house, they left some reindeer food on the front lawn for Santa's reindeer and of course cookies and milk for Santa by the fireplace.

Blogging Woes

I started this blog so friends and family that don't see us often enough were able to see what's going on with us. But with time, it's turned into our family scrapbook for the year. I am able to print the entire blog for the year and it's a fabulous book to chronicle our lives. But man sometimes (like now) I'm behind on downloading pictures from my fabulous camera and then putting them on the blog and facebook for all my facebook friends. My New Year's Resolution (that I never make) is to update this blog and download pictures once a week. I hope I can do that! But first I have to finish getting caught up from the holidays!

To update on me and Bryan, Bryan is going into his 8th year with Lewisville VW. I think he still enjoys it, although they have got to be the most unorganized group of people I know. For example, he just got direct deposit a few months ago. Um are we in the 21st century yet? But he has friends there, work is steady, and it keeps him from being behind a desk.

I am still working for NISD as an educational diagnostician. I have recently picked up a third elementary school due to another diag's suckiness! So I have Beck Elementary, Hatfield Elementary, and now my old Lakeview Elementary. I was talking with the receptionist, my high school friend's mom, and we got to looking through the old staff/student pictures. There I was in kindergarten the first year the school opened in 1983. What a trip to be back working there! My job is good. We have a change in director and we're all not too happy right now. But I'm thankful everyday I go to work and can see my kid walking down the hall with her class! Such a great gig I've got going on with NISD!

Back to updating!

Christmas Eve Day

Believe it or not, I was done shopping and wrapping when Christmas Eve Day came around. So while Bryan was at work, I did some crafts with the girls and then we made Ingrid's Famous Orange Rolled Cookies. They are too die for! Sloane and Ellie were also with us while Aaron and Noreen finished up shopping. My girls made cute, Christmas tree napkin rings for Christmas dinner at the Johnsons. They turned out super cute! It was a fun day and I think I've started yet another Christmas Tradition.