Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Bittersweet Farewell

The time had come to say goodbye to the loved and cherished binkies. They've been good to us for almost 2 years now. But these days they are more of a crutch when sleeping. And let's just face it, the Bubbie is a speech therapist and knows what they can do to mouths and in turn, speech. So Monday (April 12), it was time to break the binkies. One by one they started losing their ends. And one by one the twins marched them down to the trash can and threw them away. Broken binkies are no good. Tuesday was the final day of departure. And it was a bit sad for the girls. Crying and talkng for about an hour was in order. But Friday there was no crying. Only remembering the good times with the binks. May they rest in peace and never return to the Sharer house again.

Easter 2010

We hosted Easter again at our house. We really enjoy having everyone over and while we don't have the most room, we definitely have the most kid stuff and enough things for the little ones to do to keep occupied. Jane and Denny Claeys were in town from Iowa. Hilary and her friend Sarah came over. The Kiernan's, old Sharer's, old Johnson's, and young Johnson's were all here. The weather was great and the kids were able to play outside. Then we ate an early dinner and ended it with the Easter egg hunt and dessert. This year we had 2 different hunts. One of the littles and one for the oldies. Everyone had a good time!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dying Easter Eggs

We went out to mom and dad's to dye Easter eggs again this year. Mary Jane and Denny, Noreen's parents, were in town and came over. Samantha and Mallory enjoyed it much more this year and actually colored on the eggs. They like making a mess with the dye as well. I didn't get any pictures of the finished eggs, but they were really pretty! Sam and Mal are also enjoying desserts these days. They ate 2 little cupcakes within a few seconds it seemed!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Roanoke Elementary

We went to the annual Easter egg hunt at Roanoke Elementary. The principal hosts it every year for the employee's kids and former teachers at Roanoke. The girls all had fun and the twins got to do their first egg hunt and prepare for the real thing on Easter day.

3 on 3 Tournament

Raegan played in a 3 on 3 tournament over Easter weekend. She played with 2 of her friends from her Odyssey team, Janet and Chloe, and one of Janet's friends, Leilanni. They played up in a U8 division because Leilanni is 8, almost 9. They played a few hard teams that had more than one sub. But they held their own. 3 on 3 is a completely different game than she's used to. Kick-ins instead of throw-ins. No goalies. No one in the goal box defending. It was interesting. We are looking forward to playing in another one very soon (April 24th). It gives the girls good practice in between their Odyssey games.

Our Teeny Tiny Backyard

I've never thought I would say that I'm happy to have a small backyard just feet from my kitchen and living room. But during these gorgous Texas spring days, we find ourselves back here all the time. Because it's so small and quant, the girls are visible to me even if I'm inside cooking dinner. It's great! And they are having so much fun playing with each other in the backyard that I am actually keeping up with dog poop patrol. Enjoy some pictures from our outdoor fun! We're hoping the weather holds out for at least another month!