Saturday, February 5, 2011

Texas Snow Days

4 of them! We had a record number of snow days in a row. Monday night/early morning we started getting freezing rain and ice. I'm talking about 2 inches of ice. So Tuesday school was called. Well the temperature didn't get about about 24 degrees until Friday afternoon. The ice never had a chance to melt and we got about 4 inches of snow on Friday morning. We spent pretty much the entire week at The "Helms' Lodge". The kids played on the golf course. Because the snow started as ice, they were flying down the hills on their sleds. Then on Friday there was so much snow that they were able to make snowmen and have snowball fights. Not to mention the 4 days of eating and drinking that the parents did. It was so much fun! And we are looking forward to our ski trip in 2 weeks. 5 more days of snow, food, and friends!

Brownie Scout Field Trip to the Dallas Museum of Art

Raegan's Brownie Troop took a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art. Bryan went along (and was the only dad there). I thought the kids would have walked around the museum and asked Bryan to go because he's the artist in the family. But apparently they only saw one exhibit and then they were ushered into a creative room to make projects out of trash. Hmmm. But they all had fun and I guess that's what counts!

Raegan is really enjoying the Brownie scouts. She just finished up cookie sales and did a great job with that. Of course my stomach will be huge when the cookies come it!

Big Girl Beds!

Samantha and Mallory were outgrowing their toddler beds/cribs. So we decided to start looking for new furniture. We found this great bunk bed set at Costco for a steal and decided to get it. The LOVE it! Every night they switch who sleeps on the top bunk. They have done really, really well with them. Neither one of them get up in the middle of the night so we decided to go with bunk beds to make more room in their room. I'm so glad we did! We also got 2 dressors that match. The furniture is really well made and very sturdy.

This spring break I plan on painting the room pink with some black accents. The beds now have zebra print sheets and Aunt Carole is finishing their pink/black/white quilts and pillow shams. It will look super cute when it's all finished! And they are excited to have big girl beds!