Saturday, May 31, 2008

One Month Old!

The twins are a month old and doing well still. They are gaining weight but still in newborn clothes. Mallory has at least a pound on Samantha. They are still sleeping well and only getting up once at night. Nothing else exciting to report. Here are some pictures!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little update...

Well we are almost a month old now. We have been to our last weight check and don't have to return to the pediatrician until we are 2 months old! Samantha weighed in at 6 lb 2 oz and had a weight gain of 8 oz in a week. Mallory weighed in at 6 lb 15 oz and had a gain of 11 oz in a week. We are getting bigger and are sleeping well at night. Mommy is so happy about that! Last night we slept from 10 to 4. Then we went back to sleep until 6:30/7:00. Lovely! We hope to continue with this trend because it makes mommy happy and a much nicer person! In the last couple of days we have been really busy with mommy's friend, Ingrid. Ingrid took our big sister to the American Girl Store and bought her her first American Girl Doll! We were so good in the store. Then we went for a short shopping trip to the Galleria and had lunch. We have been going to eat several places lately. We've had Chinese, Italian, American. But our favorite has been the Cheesecake Factory. Mommy let us have this wonderful Brownie Sundae Cheesecake. It was fabulous! Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. Mommy promises to post some more current pictures soon!

Samantha chilling in her bouncer...
Mallory likes to sleep with things close to her face, just like Raegan.

Samantha sleeping on top of Mallory.

Oh we love each other so much. We like to suck each other's noses!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

We are a week and 1 day old now!

Well we are a little over a week old now and we are settling into a routine. YAY! In the past week we've accomplished a few things. First and most importantly, the girls are both gaining weight! In 2 days (between Monday and Wednesday), Mallory gained 5 oz. and Samantha gained 1.5 oz. So breastfeeding is going well and it's working without any supplementing. I am so relieved about that! Second, Mallory is finally nursing better without pulling away so much. YAY! And third, we are on a feeding/sleeping schedule that is working out. The girls nurse at 3, 6, 9, and 12. Then repeat for the afternoon. This week's goal is to tackle tandem nursing. I know I can do it if the girls will cooperate! Wish us luck because it will cut down on our feeding time by about 20 minutes! That's a lot more sleep for me :)

And some pictures as promised. Big sister Raegan with Mallory I believe (I can't see the face well enough). Raegan is doing much better these days. She is best when it's just me, her and Raegan. When company is around she tends to be a bit more needy. Hmmm...

Gracie, my wild dog who I was concerned about, has really taken to the girls. She LOVES them and is very protective of them when they are crying. We have had to put her in her kennel at night because she gets so upset when they are crying. Constantly pacing around wondering what the hell is going on! Here she is with Samantha (I can only tell because of the binky she is using).

Mallory resting on her big sister Samantha.
Mallory's first bath. She didn't like it too well but didn't even say a peep for her second bath!
Samantha for her first bath. Again she didn't like it too well but did much better for the second bath.

Mallory and Samantha doing what they do best. See their little jaundice faces? The jaundice isn't bad at all according to the pediatrician who has seen them twice this week. I think they look pretty yellow though. We'll get out in the sun some today since it's nice out.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Twincesses Are Here!

Well as suspected, I made it to my scheduled c-section date. The girls were born on April 30th. Here are the stats:
Samantha Kay (baby A)
11:59 am
5 lb 15 oz
19 inches

Mallory Rose (baby B)
12:01 pm
6 lb 6 oz
19 inches

The c-section went great. The doctor did find a rather large fibroid and removed it. It was gross. The c-section was started a bit earlier than planned and it went quickly. Both babies came out looking wonderful and had great Apgar scores (8 and 9). It was a wonderful experience and I'm happy to say that Bryan and I got to share it with my mom. The anethesiologist was nice enough to allow her to be there. As she said, "Well I was there at conception. I should be there at the birth." LOL! And the baby factory is closed. Tubes were tied and our family is complete!

Both babies stayed with us the entire time in the operating room. Then the girls moved to the recovery with us and I was able to breastfeed both of them. Then they went for their first bath, shots and all that good stuff. The girls are just perfect and doing well. Mallory could breastfeed better but she is learning. Hopefully she is also gaining back some of the weight that she has lost. We'll see tomorrow. Samantha is a breastfeeding fool! She does great and is gaining weight like a good girl should. We are also working on getting the babies on a feeding, sleeping schedule. Yesterday was the first day and it went very well. Today has been smooth sailing so far.
Here are a few pictures. My favorite is first!

And all of my girls! Raegan is being a great big sister but she seems to be lacking attention and has been acting out. I hope it gets better but I do understand what she is going through.

Going home. This is Dr. Moser who took such good care of me and the babies. She let us leave the hospital a day early because I was looking so good. I was glad to go home early and was even able to make Raegan's last soccer game the day after we were discharged!

Another close up of the girls. Samantha on the right and Mallory on the left.

I'll try and post more pictures soon. I am a bit busy these days but am loving every minute of it! I just wish I could drive so I can be more independent and get Raegan from school. One more week and I'll be hitting up the town with the twins!