Saturday, August 11, 2012

Let's get a boat. Why not?

Bryan has had his eye on a co-worker's boat since last year.  Well some of our friends got a boat and pushed him over the edge.  So he went and looked at the boat.  He didn't end up getting it because it needed too much work.  But then the search had started.  We ended up getting an older ski boat that is in really great condition.  We decided to buy a "cash" boat and decide  how much we were really going to use it before buying something bigger/newer/better.  Well we are using it a lot and the kids really enjoy it.  We are going to sell Bryan's fairmont and all of the misc. car parts in the garage.  And possibly sell this boat for a different one next season.  We will see.  For the time being, we are enjoying our time on the lake. 

Friday Night Fireworks on Lake Grapevine

Raegan has gotten really good at wakeboarding already.  The little ones have tried it too.  The board it just too big for them though.  We might get them some skis.  But they do get on the tube with me if Bryan doesn't drive too fast.

9th Annual Johnson Girls' Beach Trip

This year was a little different again.  Noreen wasn't able to go because she didn't have any days left to use at work.  So we all loaded in the Tahoe and drove down to the beach for 6 days.  It was a great, very relaxing trip.  The kids all got along well.  They definitely had their moments when they were tired and hadn't napped and got grumpy.  Or when they pooped in their pants 4 times in a day.  AHHH!!!  But overall, it was a great time had by all of the girls.  Another fun year we could enjoy spending time at Grandma and Grandpa Bowers' place. 

4th Annual Trophy Club Schlitterbahn Trip

This year we had a smaller group attend the annual Schlitterbahn trip.  And it was pretty nice for it to be small again.  Those that went were the Greenwoods, the Youngs, us, and Bethany Paez and girls.  We started the trip with a float down the Guadalupe River.  Although the river was low, the kids had a blast!!!  The next two days we spent at Schlitterbahn.  And it all went very well.  The kids played nicely together and the adults had fun. 

Here is a pic of the "Green Team".  We decided to get them all somewhat matching bathing suits to keep up with them while we were on rides.  It really worked out well.  People commented on them the entire time we were there.  So fun!

This year we decided to end the trip with a day at Sea World.  We had season passes from the girls'  birthday trip.  So we figured it made sense to spend a day down there.  We spent the night at the Hyatt Hill Country Spa and Resort.  Our room (that we paid $139 for) wasn't ready when we checked in.  So they gave us a $150 food and beverage credit.  All of the families had a nice dinner for only $22 a family.  It was a great resort that we've decided to go to again!

Hot Springs Village July 2012

While Aunt Carole was here we headed to Hot Springs Village for a few days.  We decided to get season passes to Magic Springs and went twice while we are there.  It's a nice little amusement park that is not crowded at all, even on the weekends.  And it's just about 25 minutes from my parent's house.  The girls enjoy it, some more than others!

The big girls decided to sleep in the garage with the AC on.  They had fun out there. 

We did lots of braids while we were there. 

We went and had a picnic lunch at one of the creeks by Hot Springs.  The girls walked around in the water and tried to catch crawdaddys.  I caught one that they named Larry the little lobster. 

We went and played in Lake Balboa, just across the street from my parent's house.  There is a pretty decent beach area.  We also attempted to go out on a boat and tube.  It started pouring just minutes after we got out on the boat. 

Fossil Rim July 2012

To beat the heat in July and spend some time with Aunt Carole, we headed to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose to feed the animals.  The kids absolutely love this place.  The day we went we got there a little later in the day because we stopped on the way for lunch.  So there weren't as many animals out as normal but there were still tons to see and feed.  The drive through the zoo takes about 2.5 to 3 hours.  At the half way point there is a place to stop and pet some of the animals and have a snack or lunch.  We all enjoyed ourselves and found something fun to do that was in the AC!