Sunday, June 29, 2008

Accepting defeat!

Well I do believe the girls are coming to the realization that they will soon be sleeping in their cribs, without their carseats. Today is day 2 of a good, long nap in their cribs. (Well Samantha is still in the co-sleeper in our room.) Mallory will cry for a few minutes and then just pass out. Samantha will do the same but I have found the trick with her is swaddling her. She wakes up all sweaty but she sure does get a nice nap in!

Here is Mallory accepting defeat yesterday. I didn't want to chance waking up Samantha so I did not get a pic of her. She looks so comfortable. She does sleep on a nicely padded pallet of blankets because the girls needs a pillow top! Too bad they don't make pillow top crib mattresses!

Got Milk?

Yeah apparently I do. LOL! I just had to take some pictures to document. Here is the fresh stash in the fridge. Probably enough for 2 1/2 days of bottles.

And here is the freezer stash that I am working on. My plan is to get enough for 2-3 months of bottles. Then I can stop pumping around 8-9 months and make it close to a year on all breastmilk. I 'think' I can do it. But that depends on my supply staying up. I also plan to move the freezer stash to my brother's deep freeze. Frozen milk stays good up to a year in the deep freeze and only up to 4 months in a regular freezer. Everyone send good milk vibes my way. I have made it 2 months though so this is good!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guess which rolls belong to which baby

The house is clean. The babies are sleeping. Raegan is out playing golf with my parents. So boredom has set in. Guess which rolls belong to which baby. This isn't hard.

And a few pictures. Gracie LOVES her babies. She and Samantha are best buds in the morning on our bed. Gracie won't leave her side when she is in the bed with us.

Raegan got matching PJs for her and her Itty Bitty American Girl Baby. Thanks Grandma Jane!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just randomness...

Does Mallory look comfortable? Bryan sure thought she did!

Chilling at their first neighborhood playgroup. Mallory, my quiet child...

Samantha, the "I don't like the sleep" child...

Raegan in her birthday golf gear getting ready to head to golf camp.

And a video of my mom's kittens trying to eat the babies. Harley ended up biting Mallory's toe and being banished to the bedroom. Bad kitties! She was traumatized. LOL!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Did I mention....

that I found out which schools I am going to have this year. Drum roll please.... I'll have Beck Elementary and Roanoke Elementary! Beck is where Raegan is going to school in Trophy Club. She is so excited that mommy will be a tester at her school. She said she loves my new boss. Roanoke is just outside of Trophy Club. So that drive will take me 10 minutes tops. I couldn't have gotten better schools. I'm going to save SO much money on gas and I'll get to work where I live. SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raegan Turns 5!

Raegan turned 5 on June 16th! Can you believe it? We had her birthday party at the community pool and it was a blast. We had a great turn out and all the kids had fun. On her real birthday, we woke up and went to get her big donut. That night we had a family birthday party at Aaron and Noreen's house. We swam, cooked burgers, ate cake, and opened presents. It was a great time. Thanks for having us over Aaron and Noreen!

Raegan with her big donut! She ate about 1/8th of it and we all finished it off for dessert that night.

Raegan hitting one of the pinatas. We had 2, Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

Blowing out the candles. Raegan has a very yummy birthday cake. It was half strawberry and half chocolate. YUM!
Going down the slide.

Aunt Noreen made this banner for Raegan. It was cute! Thanks Noreen!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

First trip to Urgent Care

OK so we went to the pool last week and were there for 3 hours. The girls were just chilling in their bouncers (bought just for the pool). They were under the shade the entire time but I did not think about the terrible wind that we were having. Needless to say, both girls woke up from their nap with windburn. Samantha's was much worse than Mallory's and her little eyes ended up getting pretty swollen. So, I took her to Urgent Care to make sure everything was alright. Of course they took one look at her and said she was fine and that it would work it's course. Both of their faces did peel, Samantha's more than Mallory's. But they are fine now and we are going to attempt the pool again. This time with sunscreen (just in case) and different bouncers that have a covering around their little heads. The doctor said that we needed to try and stay inside when it was hot out (like everyday in the summer). I just laughed and told her I had a 5 year old to entertain. I think she understood.

But here is Samantha's little swollen face and her first arm/leg band.

First smiles!

Well we have our first smiles! Samantha smiled on 6-7 at 5.5 weeks and Mallory smiled on 6-15 at 6.5 weeks! They are smiling more in the mornings when they first wake up and after their first bottle. I have not caught Mallory's smile on camera yet but Noreen was able to catch Samantha. Here she is....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New JOB!

I applied for a diagnostician position in Northwest ISD (where we live and where I attended school as a kid). I found out yesterday that I got the job! I'm so excited! This means a closer commute, getting to work where Raegan goes to school, and a pretty substantial pay raise. I am freaking thrilled! On the other hand, I have to give up my laptop and that sucks!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last day of PreK

Raegan has her last day of PreK today. She has had so much fun and learned some wonderful traits. Of course she has also learned so much for starting kindergarten. Raegan is going to miss her teachers and if I could get Miss Neu to come live with us, I probably would. She is Raegan's buddy!

Raegan's school does a PreK performance every year called the PreK Follies. Her class was so cute! I've attached the video (see how freaking high tech I am). Raegan is in the center next to Jonathan, a little African American fellow. Watching this cracks me up! Check out her hand on her hips the entire time! Little Miss Sass!

And since I have mastered the video, I'll try and post some of the babies in a bit.