Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 weeks in the Sharer home

Well I haven't posted any new pictures lately so here are some good ones. Same ole same ole in the Sharer household. Mallory is getting over a cold and Raegan is getting over a cold and ear infection. Samantha was the only one not to get sick. Things are going well and school is going well for Raegan. So without further ado, here are the girls.

Raegan had school pictures this week. She had been wanting this dress from Kohls so Bubbie bought it for picture day. Isn't she adorable!
The picture front of the tree.
It's been great weather here in Texas since Hurricane Ike rolled through. We've been spending time outside when we get home from school. The girls really like it outside! Check out those toothless smiles!
Mallory being her normal serious self. Mallory has learned to roll over! Big accomplishment. She cracks me up. Video will follow as soon as I find the program for the camera!
Samantha, not smiling for once. Samantha is still not wanting to move herself all the way over to her tummy but she's almost there.
Mallory in her exersaucer.
Samantha in hers. She is looking up wondering when I'm going to pick her up. She would much rather be held.
Yes you are seeing that right. My milk was purple for a few days due to some medicine for thrush (completely safe for the babies by the way). It was pretty entertaining to have purple milk and I'm happy to say that the boobs are feeling better!
Getting ready to get fed and head to Mrs. Sherry's house.

We love you Grandpa GG!

My grandfather passed away on September 16th in Grapevine, Texas. He lived 86 wonderful years and will be greatly missed. His memorial service is set for September 28th in Grinnell, Iowa, his hometown. We will be making the 13 hour trip with all the girls and the rest of the family.

Here is Grandpa with 2 of his 6 great grandchildren. I am so thankful that he was able to meet his newest great granddaughters before he passed. I wish they would have known what a great man he was.