Friday, February 27, 2009

We're both crawling...finally!

Mallory has been army crawling for over a month now. And she's been crawling a few steps here and there for the past few weeks. But she still prefers to 'drop and drag' when she is on the carpet. However, when on the cold tile, naked, she will crawl for food. And she's even fast!

Don't mind my annoying voice or the random dog in the video. I'm so proud of my girls! Oh and you're going to have to turn your head. I can't figure out how to rotate the video.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dinnertime at the Sharer's

Just random sillyness!

Valentine's Day in Kindergarten

Raegan had her first Valentine's Day party as an Elementary aged student. It was fun. The kids decorated and ate giant heart cookies and handed out their Valentines. Here a few pictures from the event!

Valentine's week at Beck is all about queens and kings. Here is the family crest that Raegan made.

"In my kingdom the rule would be... pull up the draw bridge at night." Raegan's spelling and handwriting is coming along well!

Raegan also made the 100's club along with a few of her classmates. This means she can count to 100 by ones, fives, and tens.

I am still so thankful that I can attend all of these parties with Raegan. My job is fantastic!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Favorite Word

Hooker is by far my favorite word. OK, let me tell you another story about the hooker. So, I was there with one of the babies not to long ago. This nurse knows they are IVF babies. We talk almost everytime about how her brother and SIL just had twins through IVF. So then she says, "well they're not really twins. More like siblings." Seriously? Does she practice medicine? Does she know what the definition of a twin is? Just because they are IVF still does not negate the fact that they were in the uterus together and born at the same time, from the same mother. I must have had the worst look on my face when she said that. I was stunned at her ignorance.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I have no patience for the nurse practioner at my pediatrician's office. None. This is the second time I've wanted to punch her in the face. Tell me how my poor little Mallory can go from "perfect, clear ears, just a little cold" on Monday .... to.... "bad, double ear infections" on Wednesday. Seriously? Did you NOT believe me when I said that she was pulling at her ears on Monday? I mean come on, she's not 2 months old. She can pull on her ears and will if they hurt. I think that's a bit of a sign that something is going on other than a freaking cold.

So last time I wanted to punch this lady in the face, I said I wasn't going back to her again. This time I mean it. Today I went to another lady in the Irving office. She was MUCH more thorough. She actually listened to me, listened and looked around at Mallory, took her oxygen levels, suctioned her nose for me. You name it. She did it. Thanks Becky. You need to give Brenda some lessons on how to be thorough and not just dismiss everything as a little cold. Hooker.

OK so I'm done complaining about the hooker. I'm hoping Mallory feels better tomorrow after starting her antibiotics. But if not, I have nothing planned and can stay home with her again. I stayed home on Monday. Bryan stayed home on Tuesday. My mom stayed this morning (Wed) and I did the afternoon. It's been fun snuggling with my princess. That doesn't happen often when you have 2 babies to look after.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

9 Month Professional Pictures

We went to Portrait Innovations again to have pictures done. I'm really happy with the way they turned out! Such beautiful girls!

9 Months!

Yep time continues to fly in the Sharer household. We are 9 months old now! Lots of things are happening and we are such good girls. We have been given the OK to start on all table food and we much prefer to eat what everyone else is eating. We also have lost interest in our bottles and barely get in 20 ounces a day, which leads to an oversupply in our deep freeze. Mommy has been a nicer person in the last 2 weeks because she finally decided that giving up her middle of the night pumping/emailing session was OK. She wants us to relay her countdown- 26 more days! We went to the doctor today and have lots to share with you. So onto the good stuff!

From Samantha- I am a crawling machine. I crawl under things, over Mallory, and just about anywhere I can get. I am fast. I have also started to pull up on the furniture and can take a few steps pushing my walker. Watch out mom and dad, I will be running soon! I have only 2 teeth. I can wave! I am vocal. I might be little but don't let that fool you. I can be loud and like to be heard. I got 2 shots today at the doctor's office and she said I look great. I'm slowly moving up on the growth chart but not by much. Here are my stats:
26 1/4"- 11th %tile
16 lbs 11 oz - 12th %tile
45.5 cm head- 86th %tile

From Mallory- I am on the move just like my big sis started. I'm army crawling and am getting very good. I have figured out how to move from my playboy pose to an actual sitting position by myself. I love to stand around and can get myself to a standing position when you hold my hands. I have strong legs! I will be up on all 4s soon and will be able to chase Samantha and tackle her for crawling on top of me. I have 6 teeth. Can you believe it? I also went to the doctor's today but only needed one shot because I had already gotten both flu shots. I laughed in Samantha's face! The doctor said I'm a social butterfly and she's right. I like to make everyone smile. She also said that all this goop and runniness in my eyes is because my tear ducts are not open yet. So, I will be seeing a pediatric opthamologist in 2 weeks and we'll see what they say. Hopefully they won't say surgery to correct but it's definitely a possibility. Not a big thing though. I'm tough! So, here are my stats:
28"- 63rd %tile
19 lbs 15 oz- 68th %tile (Samantha is closing in on me!)
45.5 cm head - 86th %tile (can you believe that Samantha's head is the same size as mine!)