Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Girls on the Run Mock 5K

Raegan participated in a program called Girls on the Run.  GOTR is a program designed to teach young girls to reach their potential, have good character traits, and be respectful members of their community.  GOTR participants all have a final goal of running a 5K.  While Raegan didn't need the training in running, she needed all of the other things that GOTR promoted.  It ended up being a great program for her.  She worked hard and ran with younger girls during the training sessions.  The girls ran a mock 5K the week before their final race.  It was fun to see all the parents and siblings there cheering on the GOTR girls. 

Abigail was one of the faster runners, coming in about a minute after Raegan.
 Rae timed herself with her phone and ran a 22:50, with stopping every lap for a mark.
 Mr. Dunbar ran the race with the girls.  Several of the teachers came to cheer the girls on during the mock 5K.  A few of them ran too.

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