Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Halloween 2013

As usual, we were running on Halloween.  I'm not sure what we had going on but I know we were very rushed and I needed lots of drinks when I got to the Greenwood's house.  But once we got there and the kids were with friends, all was right with the day.  Samantha and Mallory decided to be Bobcat cheerleaders (score one for me because we already had the uniforms).  Raegan and Maddie were going to be TCU volleyball players but decided at the last minute to be characters from Duck Dynasty.  Raegan and Jake were both Uncle Si and Maddie was Jace.  They were a trip.  After dinner and a scavenger hunt, we went trick-or-treating.  After TOTing, we ended the night at the Helms' Lodge where Bryan was finally able to join us.  Love our traditions!!

 We ran into Sloane and her buddies while we were trick-or-treating.

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