Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Icemegaddon 2013

The week after Thanksgiving DFW was blasted with one of the worst ice storms in a long time.  It literally iced for almost 12 hours non-stop.  Everything was COVERED in ice.  Not only was everything covered in ice, but the temperatures stayed low for 3 days.  Whatever somewhat melted, was frozen again once the sun went down.  School was called off on Thursday night and we didn't return to school until Wednesday the next week.  3 ice/snow days were used because the buses could not get out on the more rural roads. 

Mom and dad were also stranded here a few extra days because the roads were too bad for them to drive back.  We did get out of the house a few times but not often.  It was a LONG 5 days of togetherness.  During that time we had a fire running all day long and the heater in the house could still not keep the house warm enough.  We were lucky that the heat pump didn't freeze but it was still cold.  We were also lucky that we didn't have any issues with electricity.  During the 5 days were ate and cooked, ate and cooked.  We also did some puzzles, decorated the house, and made gingerbread houses.  Bryan took the girls sledding the first day we were home (he wasn't able to get into work either).  He pushed Raegan down the hill and lost his footing on the ice.  Bryan ended up with a torn MCL and a completely torn ACL.  He will have surgery soon to replace the ACL.  We are hoping he recovers quickly and is able to start the boating season in June!

We were all glad to go back to school after being home for 5 days.  I am surprised all of the children made it out alive!

 Even the dogs were tired of the ice!

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