Thursday, January 2, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Christmas was different this year since Ellie, Sloane, and Noreen were in Iowa.  We gave the girls a clock and told them not to come down until 6:15 and they actually listened!  Aaron and Aunt Carole came over just a few minutes after they came downstairs.  Instead of opening our family's gifts separately, we decided to do them all at one time.  Santa was good to the girls this year!  Raegan got new bedding, things for her room, and Uggs boots.  Mallory and Samantha got giant pillow pets, scooters, games, arts and crafts things, and Furbys.  All of the girls got an iPad to share.  The girls and Bryan and I also got several nice things from the family.  We had a nice relaxed morning, followed by dinner with the Kiernans and Sharers at our house.  I enjoy watching the girls get excited about Christmas!!  We did miss the Johnson girls though.  But next year they will be here.

 Ruby finally got a SQUIRREL!

 Aaron giving the duck face

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