Thursday, January 2, 2014

iPhone randoms

Dinner with Bubbie before she went back to HSV.
 Hanging out with Ellie before soccer games.
Kindergarten is hard work.
 Thug life.  Lake Highlands Division 1!!
 Happy Birthday Big Bird!
 Rainbow Loom CRAZE!  I made these :)
Practice in the pouring rain for 3 HOURS!
 Supporting the National Down Syndrome Society.  Teach me to soar and I will!
 Sick kids in my office.
 Ruby decided to fight poor Gracie Grace :(

 Community service project at the Roanoke Food Pantry with GOTR.
 Dinner with soccer friends after practice.
 Fun with Bubbie.  She always plays with the girls.
 Frozen with the cousins, Bubbie, and Aunt Carole.
Our Home Depot Christmas trees.  Dang ice prevented us from going to Walls Family Farm :(

 Field trip with kindergarten.  Frosty at Casa Manana.

 Giving Mr. Alvin some cookies for Christmas.

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